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  1. Sip'n Diesel

    SF Bay Area Help Needed

    PM sent
  2. Sip'n Diesel

    Austin, NV to Chicago, IL

    are you doing anything while around Chicago (besides a retirement ceremony and/or party), or are you just looking for things to do along the way? there's not much to see between Colorado and the Mississippi :( my uncle is also Navy, stationed in San Diego for now :) is your uncle at Great...
  3. Sip'n Diesel

    Should I let it slide?

    i say leave the doors locked and climb through the windows from now on. A) you'll never have to worry about the locks again, and B) the dealer won't be able to FUBAR anything under the door panels ;)
  4. Sip'n Diesel

    WTB: TDI Wagon, manual 03-05 or 09-11, Help! :)
  5. Sip'n Diesel

    Mechanic blames B99

    if anything B99 would clean the tank, no? ... not make it dirty :confused:
  6. Sip'n Diesel

    What is the best container to use for diesel purge pics please!!

    IIRC i just used the container that the DP comes packaged in... worked like a charm. i could see when it got low and i stopped before it started sucking air... never spilled a drop (except the leftover that got "spilled" into my fuel tank) what am i missing here? :confused:
  7. Sip'n Diesel

    FS: VNT-15 Turbo

    mileage on the ol' girl?
  8. Sip'n Diesel

    confused about temp gage

    IIRC, these "gauges" will indicate 190F with actual temps anywhere between ~170 and 210-ish... 220F is pushing overheating territory i think. i don't remember exact numbers, just ballparkin' it i've never seen mine settle anywhere other than 190... except on Halloween 2 years ago, it shot up...
  9. Sip'n Diesel

    Whirring/Whistling noise (before and after new turbo install) <=== i recommend starting the popcorn before clicking on this ;) it is perfectly fine to remove the accessory belt for diagnostics while idling. if you ever have to drive any distance with no accessory belt, that is also fine provided you...
  10. Sip'n Diesel

    Scan guage got me out of a ticket!

    i've always pondered what i would say in that particular situation while pulling up the SG readout for "MAX SPEED" or "AVG SPEED." no it's not exactly "proof," but they don't know it can be calibrated low/high! :D well done! either that trooper's unit needs to be calibrated, or they were't...
  11. Sip'n Diesel

    Repair help in Minneapolis!

    for the brake pedal this is where i would start looking: ^^^^ it may simply just have a small crack in the elbow, and that is a relatively "cheap" fix... relatively. that vacuum pump line seems to have been a common issue with other...
  12. Sip'n Diesel

    Problems in the Fox Valley?

    their parts department was helpful and professional the one time that i went there. can't say anything about their service, since my car hasn't been touched by any dealer in about 120,000 miles :D please let us know if there was a problem and how we could help you
  13. Sip'n Diesel

    B100 in Chicago Area?

    so far i only have experience using the pump at the location in batavia. i haven't been to the other locations yet. you have to go inside and tell them you want the b99 and the pump is old school (not digital) and you round to the nearest 1/10th of a gallon for payment. bit of a hassle compared...
  14. Sip'n Diesel

    B100 in Chicago Area? b99 usually from soy AFAIK. i have an MSDS from last summer too. 53 cetane IIRC
  15. Sip'n Diesel

    Engine group 11 will not open with VAG-COM

    1. this is a terribly stupid question; but, key ON engine OFF? 2. who did the ECU tuning? 3. are you able to open other groups, besides 11? 4. car functions normally, other than overboost/limp-mode issues? I'm really hoping this is not an ECU issue... EDIT: the cable should be compatible...
  16. Sip'n Diesel

    Engine group 11 will not open with VAG-COM

    is it a genuine cable?