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    Adventures at -37

    I Sask here as well. Install a winter front that will help. plug it in overnight, the circulating block heater on these cars do a pretty good job. After work today engine temp was +37C and +25C after a minute of running and temp stabilizing. I run a ScanGauge2 to monitor engine temp, exhaust...
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    Whats Covered Under CPO

    I'm wondering about rear shocks, the bushings have seen better days. I'll have to call the dealer Monday.
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    Whats Covered Under CPO

    I've try'd searching like crazy, any one have a listing of whats all covered under the CPO warranty?
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    VCDS and EGR Adjustment

    No can do, You'd have to go the tune route.
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    Add Start/Stop Feature.

    with manuals the system doesn't turn off the engine unit the engine is at temp, the clutch is released and the transmission is in neutral, And then starts the engine when the clutch get depressed so before even you have it in gear, thus there should not be a delay. Now is it actually viable...
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    Add Start/Stop Feature.

    Has anyone added start/stop functionality to their MK6. I believe there is a feature in VCDS and you should upgrade the starter to something that can handle the increased cycles, but does it actually work properly if you just turn it on? Bosch does sell a starter built for start/stop...
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    Saskatchewan TDI members??

    Bumping an old thread, Saskatoon here with VCDS
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    VCDS And real mileage for golf 7 GTD !!

    maybe this
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    Need advice!

    7 months in California I wouldn't be to worried, nice stable temps. I'd just leave the fuel level as low as possible, it'll still be fine when you come back but just reduce any possible bacteria build up and unhook the battery. Some like to leave the suspension unloaded i.e. on jack stands but I...
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    Pop goes the sportwagen

    My first thought is a CV axle maybe just starting to go.
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    I'm Back!! 2013 MK6 - Name Needed

    Well after 2 year 10 months I've Returned to the TDI world. End of 2015 my 2015 Golf TDI was totalled see thread for pics ( I ended up buying a 2016 Rav4 Hybrid limited and it was good I enjoyed it, but i missed my diesel and rowing my own...
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    5 Star Crash test rated Golf(Lots of pictures)

    Update: Well I left the VW world for now. My RAV4 Hybrid arrived last week, and so far so good. It's not gonna match the golf, but with awd and more room at 6.9l/100 I think it'll be ok. I enjoyed my time while I was here and maybe someday I'll return, but for now so long.
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    Anybody try to run their TDI out of Diesel to see exactly how many miles they can get

    In all likelihood, your engine is going to shut off before any damage is done.
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    VW only mastercard

    It already active. I was hopeing that someone local would be interested so there would be no risk of issues.
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    5 Star Crash test rated Golf(Lots of pictures)

    Update: Got paid out by insurance last month and after test driving many of vehicles, I ordered a 2016 RAV4 Hybrid. It's not gonna match the golf for fuel eco, but it should do well. Now that everything with insurance is done, I have a few items that guys in this group might be interested in...
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    TDI gone, Parts Available

    bump, updated with pics and tires and wheels avail
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    TDI gone, Parts Available

    Every thing is from my MK7 I have both keys, unsure if they can be reprogrammed to another car Block heater Cord - $50 TDI Circulating Engine Heater - $40 TDI all-weather mats - $50 Keys - $50ea - maybe they can be reprogrammed 4 x Fast Hayaku Wheels with Continental ProContact TX tires - used...
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    VW only mastercard

    So i have a 500 card from VW that can only be spend at vw. If anyone in saskatoon or near by wants to buy it a below the 500 value let me know as I no longer have a vw.
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    2015 TDI's can now be sold in Canada

    Not just used, Brand New 2015's
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    2015 TDI's can now be sold in Canada

    Was told by my local dealer today that they have permission to sell the 2015 TDI's. Golfs, Jetta's, Passat's. anyone else hearing this?