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    How long after buyback closing is a bank loan paid off?

    Well it looks like the 27th-28th of December people are finally getting their loans paid off. I turned mine in on the 27th and keep checking my credit union account and still no payoff as of close of business today the 12th. I'll give it a couple of more days before making a few calls.
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    Turn in Smooth as Glass!

    It's good to hear about some positive experiences. I almost didn't want to start this thread because I know some of those having issues with VW may take it the wrong way. But I also want those about to go through the process that it also can go smoothly. Best of luck to my VW friends, I'm out...
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    Turn in Smooth as Glass!

    I do have a loan, and have not checked on the payoff yet as I have heard they are allowed 5 days to pay it off. I try my best to keep it simple, I'll verify payoff sometime in the first 10 days of January.
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    Turn in Smooth as Glass!

    OK, I hate to start ANOTHER turn in thread.....BUT.....I was reading a ton of negative posts about all that goes wrong with turn in and honestly it made me a little skeptical. My Date was December 27th at 6:30 p.m. I showed up ahead of time and was in and out by 6:20. About 20 minutes. I...
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    Kind of PISSED over the "FIX OPTION"

    EXACTALY!! Drive the crap out of your car! It won't depreciate from age, ONLY excess milage. AND then it's very little. I'd like you to find a better deal anywhere, ever! I can understand people complaining about legitimate issues but this certainly is NOT one of them!
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    Buyback Horror Story - Maryland (Audi of Annapolis and Fitzgerald VW)

    I think the system is to blame! Entering a milage in error should be an easy fix, instead VW created a system so convoluted that it takes days or weeks to fix. Bottom line, the system is full of traps that result in lengthy delays and is unacceptable. VW should not be getting a free pass by...
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    Has anyone been able to schedule buyback after submitting notarized docs after Nov 18

    Letter requesting Doc's dated Nov 24th. Received E-Mail on Nov. 25th. Returned completed Doc's on Nov 27th. Just scheduled return this morning December 5th, so it looks like a little sooner than the 10 day turn around. The only date that worked for me was Dec 27th; however, there were dates as...
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    I think your on the right track but think about how much from each gallon of Diesel sold gets taxed by Uncle Sam! I'm no conspiracy theorist but if I were, I'd consider our very own Government has as much to lose or more in tax revenues from our cars. Everytime I road trip this Passat TDI I...
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    7 Page Doc's Upload?

    Ok, I did figure out how to just add all pages to a single PDF via my scanner. Thanks for all the help and input. I'm going to miss many people on this forum once I'm out of my VW.
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    7 Page Doc's Upload?

    I swear I read on here somewhere that all 7 pages have to be in 1 Document. I've uploaded everything in the past with my scanner and would just drag my files individually for upload. I would normally just wing it and see what works but I don't want to prolong the process by screwing this step...
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    Anyone NOT thrashing their TDI or skipping maintenance/upkeep?

    Honestly, never been in the "holier than thou" crowd but don't see the reasoning behind neglecting your car for "spite". Do these people think VW is screwing them over? Maybe I don't get it? I fully understand the whole scamming emissions issue but also understand most of us are getting a fair...
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    AdBlue Heater Warranty Extended to 120,000 Miles

    Thank You! I honestly have NO IDEA why VW has not sent me this info??? I'm the original owner of a 13 Passat TDI SEL? Where do you sent the info or do you have a phone number?
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    AdBlue Heater Warranty Extended to 120,000 Miles

    OK, this is what i'm talking about. I didn't get any info other than reading this thread about the AdBlu heater extension. I did however have mine fail and paid out of pocket to buy a new heater and replaced it myself. I'd love to get that money I spent back but have no idea who I need to...
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    Does it need a current inspection to turn in?

    I'm kind of in the same boat. My tag expires at the end of November, I've had all my crap in and approved since early on. I'm just waiting like the rest of us who have a loan on the car to get a date for turn in. I've already spent more in parts fixing all the tank heater and ad blu injector...
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    AdBlue Heater Warranty Extended to 120,000 Miles

    Bump for contact info.... Not sure why my 13 Passat SEL TDI wouldn't have been included? I'd love to get paid back for my AdBlue tank heater.
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    AdBlue Heater Warranty Extended to 120,000 Miles

    After re-reading that post I could easily see why there was confusion, I deleted it. My apologies. Now does anyone know how a get reimbursed for my AdBlue heater i bought back in December?
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    AdBlue Heater Warranty Extended to 120,000 Miles

    Ok, just for clarification. This is the AdBlue Heater Warranty Extension thread. From my reading in this thread owners of affected cars are getting letters advising them of this extension. This thread has nothing to do with the buyback. I have all those docs submitted and am fully aware of that...
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    AdBlue Heater Warranty Extended to 120,000 Miles

    So I replaced mine back in December and have yet to get the letter or ANY info from VW? Can anyone post the letter of any contact info regarding this? Thanks