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  1. benmarks

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    After 3+ years of searching, and two false starts with sellers in Australia, Cascade German came to my rescue and just informed me that my carpeted trunk trim from a 4Motion Jetta/Bora sedan donor car finally arrived! These were the last parts I needed before my conversion would be complete (in...
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  3. benmarks

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Not exactly OEM, but I just bought one of these and it saved me from a dead battery today. I selected this model because it also has an integrated tire pump:
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  5. benmarks

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    While I don't have them in hand yet, today Cascade German helped me finally locate the carpeted trunk trim parts from a European 4Motion sedan. I'd been searching for these parts for over two years! The sedans I guess were super rare. These were the last remaining parts I needed to complete my...
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  8. benmarks

    Mk4 shift tower bushing

    I second the DieselGeek bushings and bushing kits. Before installing the donor shifter and transmission for one of my projects, I replaced and re-lubricated EVERYTHING so I wouldn't have to think about it again. They make a "high performance" part for the one shown in the earlier photo, and they...
  9. benmarks

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Another really nice aftermarket shifter option is: They're nice leather for the knob and boot, you can get them in a few trim options like chrome, brushed, black, and the shifter pattern is illuminated (which is an easy wiring job to the cigarette lighter.) They...
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  11. benmarks

    Replacement Headlights

    If you've already found the VXTuning website, the HID's they build are pretty high quality too, and basically plug & play. I owned a previous generation of them and they were a huge improvement over the original lighting. However, they usually require ordering a few months in advance these days.
  12. benmarks

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    While the overall rebuilt ARL engine/OEM FMIC project still needs some tinkering and tuning, I can say I reached one milestone today. I completed my all-red TDI PD150 badging ;)
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  14. benmarks

    Fixes for Post LED installation issues?

    Also, you may already know this, but one LED bulb-type can be used for many different incandescent bulb-types, so if you find a bulb brand you like, but they don't have a specific bulb number in their product line, you can probably use a different bulb number...
  15. benmarks

    Fixes for Post LED installation issues?

    You can also buy a pre-modified hazard switch. I deactivated my Facebook account, but if you have one, search for a vendor named "Clusters By Litke." I've never had any other issues with the bulbs I use, which are the Sylvania ZEVO bulbs. I didn't even know about this glow plug light issue. I...
  16. benmarks

    Wire/install fog lights/bezel 01 jetta

    There is another option that I just remembered. I used it before I started getting super OCD/OEM with this specific Jetta. One of my first projects was to buy the ECS fog kit mentioned earlier in this thread. However, instead of using the lights that came with the kit, I used Morimoto universal...
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  19. benmarks

    Wire/install fog lights/bezel 01 jetta

    If those are the red/maroon colored ones, those were a replica of the Hella Micro DE kit. They were a good approximation of the Hellas, i.e. metal housings and glass lenses, especially when compared to most of the others you see via ECS et. al. which are plastic and garbage. Unfortunately, even...