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  1. Brokk

    Advice on first TDI

    I am trying to find a photo of a modern concept chevy minivan and cannot. I am pretty sure I have it saved on my camera roll someplace. Was very cool. Someone mocked up a nice a-team version but the one I am thinking of was mostly silver.
  2. Brokk

    Advice on first TDI

    I think it will be pretty hard to meet all the points you mentioned. I ended up getting my wife a '12 Highlander so we could put one kid back in the 3rd row to keep the 3 of them from fighting as much. It was also nice to have more room in the back to stack extra suitcases.
  3. Brokk

    Metal Nerd Rear Brake Tool and Brake Job

    Thanks Kiwibru, It has been a long time. My kids are 8, 4, & 2 now. I will have to get out to an event at Jorry's or down in Portland next year. How are things on the island? My daughter is in 4H and has 9 meat goats mostly Boer but some Kikos and mixes of the two. You still making...
  4. Brokk

    Metal Nerd Rear Brake Tool and Brake Job Does anyone have a rear brake tool I can borrow? Do I really need to worry about the following: Please be aware that MkIV Jetta/Golf/New Beetle rear calipers must be "reset" when pushing the piston back into the caliper. Using a proper Rear...
  5. Brokk

    Timing Belt Job Cost

    Thanks. I am having Matt in Redmond do it. He is well known on here. Curt
  6. Brokk

    Timing Belt Job Cost

    What is the current Timing Belt Replacement Job cost approximately? Thanks, Curt
  7. Brokk

    Looking for front seat upholstery kit

    The Leather on my driver seat is wearing on the seam that faces out of the car also. Maybe a recovery shop can repair it before it gets to bad?
  8. Brokk

    Floor Mats

    Thanks all for the good ideas. I almost bought a grey set with round holes as Anton suggested. Swapping the round clips with the oval ones from my old wore out mats. My local dealer said he could get me a set for $189. I told him no thanks. I called WeatherTech and they said the mats did...
  9. Brokk

    Floor Mats

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement anthracite grey floor mats for my 2004 late model Jetta TDI with Oval retention clips? I have worn two holes in my driver matt. The best I have found so far are these at Amazon...
  10. Brokk

    Yakima Area

    Yakima, WA Area I live in Selah also. Love this site but have been very busy with kids and family and other hobbies and don't follow as much as I used to. You should make the drive to Bend in June for the GTG there. Post on that forum that you are looking for help with the Delete. The...
  11. Brokk

    Blend door bushing ???

    I had the same problem last week; Hot air blowing with AC or "vent" on. The blend door connected to the air temp switch had stopped working because of the bushing you described. What part number was that? I need to order a replacement in case mine breaks again. It is back in place but the...
  12. Brokk

    AC problem (and a long way from home)

    How do you know if the fans are spinning fast or slow? They seem like they are going fast to me but they could go faster...
  13. Brokk


    Has anyone had experience good or bad with the Koolertron Navigation receivers. They look OEM to me and seem like they would connect up very easy in my '04 Jetta. I would really like a OEM looking Bluetooth solution for my iPhone in my car. Never mind found the posts I was looking for finally...
  14. Brokk

    Volkswagen says US pickup is back on the table

    The sad thing is that the Amarok is already in North America. Just south of the boarder in Mexcio: They even can get them with a Diesel down there.
  15. Brokk

    '04 PD Jetta Cruise Control Issue

    Dan, That is the hose that many people use a "Dog Leash" or "Doggie Collar" to keep it from coming loose right? I will go check it this afternoon. I replaced it once a few years ago and wish I would have just bought the "Dog Collar" back then. Thanks,
  16. Brokk

    '04 PD Jetta Cruise Control Issue

    Thanks for the suggestions. I did have my Brake light switch replaced under the recall and that fixed an issue where the cruise would turn off. This is different because the cruise stays on but just allows the speed and RPMs to die down for a little bit and then it comes back very quickly...
  17. Brokk

    '04 PD Jetta Cruise Control Issue

    Lately while driving on the freeway, with cruise set usually somewhere between 60 and 75, occasionally my car will slow down. I can just cancel the cruse speed back up and reset the cruise and all is fine for a while again. If I don't do anything about it after a little while the car will...
  18. Brokk

    2011 West Coast GTG; Sometimes Erroneously Referred to as "WestFest"

    Going to Fest from Eastern WA. I just got back from Cabo, Mexico and didn't see your post until today. I will be going to fest from Yakima, WA. Still 3 hours away from you but that is better than 6 to PDX. I don't recall ever seeing anyone at a Northwest event from Spokane or...
  19. Brokk

    New OEM upgrade CD deck w/ Bluetooth for MK4 They still make MKIV style Jettas in Mexico too. Jetta "Clasico". They have a couple cool small trucks south of the border as well. Their North...
  20. Brokk

    2011 West Coast GTG; Sometimes Erroneously Referred to as "WestFest"

    ON AUGUST 6th, I AM COMING TO HANG OUT, AND MAYBE WORK ON MY OWN CAR AND MAYBE HELP OTHERS : 1. BleachedBora + 2x Adults, 1x Child 2. JetPuf + 1x adult, 1x child 3. O.C. TDI 4. cbalthazor 5. Farfromovin + 1 adult 6. Oldpoopie 7. Ed's TDI 8. Whatnxt 9. NewTDI 10. bhutchins 11. brnsgrbr 12...