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  1. CFriedriszik

    A8 4.2 tdi

    Actually no, with quattro there is no traction problem. 255/40R19 helping. With wet markings on the road you can sense a wheel skid under full load, that's it. On snow and ice & proper winter tires it is storming forward with hardly a flickering of the ESP-light. And then 2-lane-onramps ... I...
  2. CFriedriszik

    A8 4.2 tdi

    More than two years of ownership and more than 50.000km: 1) ABT-Chip to 365hp, 780Nm - improved driveability and reduces consumption. Highly recommented. 2) Upgraded Brakes to W12 Spec. front AND rear (385mm or 15.1 inches rotor front). Still rubbish. Next step: Phaeton air channels for front...
  3. CFriedriszik

    The Mighty 190 - That Grease
  4. CFriedriszik

    TDIMeister's German-imported 1998 Audi A4 Avant TDI quattro

    @j29 Fahrzeugbrief is the 'title' and acts as proof of ownership (that's why it is staying with the bank when the vehicle is financed or leased). There are three variations out there - if the car is ever reregistered because of a sale, moving home or after temporary deregistration, the old...
  5. CFriedriszik

    Headed to Germany!

    Well, Katterbach is 215km from Landau. Meeting halfway in Neckarsulm ?
  6. CFriedriszik

    Passat Plant in TN to Unionize

    The important point here is that you have to differentiate between the tradtitional role of the UAW (as I gather from your posts, a sort of mobster extortion scheme) and the role that unions play in the world VW originates from. The german Union 'IG Metall' and mainly the local (!) works council...
  7. CFriedriszik

    Cheap Diesel: 2014 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Value Edition Costs $22,115

    As usual it was a mistake to read the comments. My brain hurts ... Highly dubious math-skills combined with a sense of mission bordering on walk-on-water always makes me sad for this waste of oxygen ...
  8. CFriedriszik

    Headed to Germany!

    Hi BoiseTDI, where will you stay ? If in the Ramstein/Landstuhl/Heidelberg area, we should arrange a meeting ...
  9. CFriedriszik

    I want one...

    The facelifted A8 trumps the 381PS of the 550d with 385PS (and 850Nm compared to 740Nm in the BMW), while getting equal 0-100km/h times. In reality, 0-60 times are utter BS with such cars. Something like 100-200km/h is better to compare because it rules out any safeguards there might be with...
  10. CFriedriszik

    Oh fs grumman kubvan testing interest

    Wow, a modern day Fridolin ! Same background story even - I want it in a friendly yellow ...
  11. CFriedriszik

    I saw an interesting TDI today

    The Bluemotion with the quite slow 84kW engine is 6,4l/100km (36mpg). Highline with 132kW is 7,3 (32mpg), with 4Mo 7,9 (29mpg) with 7-speed DSG it is 7,6 (31mpg), with 4Mo 8,3 (28mpg) (and a base price of 62.159,65 €, neat). 40mpg is quite hard to get, I guess, but can be possible, but never as...
  12. CFriedriszik

    Butt Ugly Cars

    See, there we differ, I found the Nissan Cube always to be a striking example of an industrial design like a T4 or T5.:) As an appliance I like it far more than a Civic or a Corolla. But I agree I won't drool over it.
  13. CFriedriszik

    Butt Ugly Cars

    Yes, I remember a more V-shaped rear end, too - which makes this one pleasing to the eye. Maybe we think about the Rodius, which sold like hotcake here: 2005: 98 2006: 174 2007: 59 units sold .... somewhere there must be a ghastly looking scrapyard with new Rodii ... Now I found it...
  14. CFriedriszik

    Top speed - curious

    Well, David was impressed when my wife Bea drove it. He never saw a woman with the need for speed. But then again, she doesn't really like 'wringing them out', so she leaves it at 90% VMax.
  15. CFriedriszik

    Butt Ugly Cars

    SsangYong Actyon I don't like that either ...
  16. CFriedriszik

    Rear ended whilst car was parked - what to check

    With Audis at least there are some crumble-boxes underneath which take the force, but may have to be replaced. If your bumper is painted, use a cotton-wool ball on the clean bumper to see if the paint is chipped. It can crack in such a way you cannot see the cracklines from above. My wife had...
  17. CFriedriszik

    Going through SW-Germany, anyone ? Give us a shout !

    Just a reminder, if anyone is coming through on the western border, give us a shout. That is the area Karlsruhe, Speyer, Mannheim, Heidelberg. Lots of things to see here, I can point them out to you.
  18. CFriedriszik

    Mercedes magic body control

    That makes this video quite interesting. Bose developed a system in the 90s that is jaw-dropping good. Hope MB did their homework.
  19. CFriedriszik

    A8 4.2 tdi

    After 1 year of ownership I have the following insights: 1) Reasonable it is not, but it is a car you love every time you start it up. Have to fight with my wife about the driver's seat every time we go on a journey (Has no problems with somewhat larger cars). 2) Very refined to drive, during...
  20. CFriedriszik

    Japan's carmakers adapt to win back lost European sales

    Yes, they introduced the Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid ... a 'normal' car with the Prius drivetrain. And the Mazda 6 with the interesting Diesel-option, here even with a tradtional 6-speed-auto, if you are looking for something nice outside the german brands.