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  1. codeblue

    97 Jetta Cluster issues

    That was actually quite fun to watch. That guy knows what he's doing It also explains why I haven't run into these issues yet. I clean that ground probably once a year due to the corrosion it gets on it from salty winters.
  2. codeblue

    Does anyone still daily drive an AHU

    At 400,000 kms here Took a break for a few years due to kids, and needed something reliable. Now that they are in school and I have a bit more time, got the Jetta going again. Only to discover that we are past the 20 year point and all parts are starting to go "NLA" We are pretty much at...
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    Trunk leak help….

    Instead of caulk or the stripping you could try a foam/rubber sheet and just copy the shape from your old seals, cut holes with x-acto knife etc. The original seals just seem to be a thicker 1/4" foam sheet. I bought this for my jetta
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    Looking for this bracket...

    Is that part #5 in this diagram? It might be NLA Your best bet would be to try making your own with some 16ga steel and a vise
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    Wrong serpentine tensioner?! What gives?!

    If you go on rockauto, or idparts all they have are the aluminum ones for a3/b4 It physically fits, but that sensor wire in the way is my concern. I was wondering if maybe others have that sensor with the...
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    Wrong serpentine tensioner?! What gives?!

    I know this is an old thread but I'm going through this issue right now. I have a black canister style tensioner and ordered a newer 2 piece aluminum style. I did initially have an issue with the arm sticking out too far, but it turned out that the arm was not fully seated. Got that sorted...
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    SOLD! FS: 5th gear .658 set - Ontario/Canada - $250 SOLD!

    For 02A/02J, .658 5th gear set. Includes both gears and the concave washer. The gears came out clean ( I use redline MTL ) no rust or damage, no visible wear, at least to me. I used this for several years, 100k kms however I was not happy with how low the RPMs were and the massive drop from...
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    for my sale
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    Rhino liner for rear bumper protection?

    This is the stuff my body shop uses: SEM Texture coating a lot of guys over on vortex also use this stuff for mk3 bumper tops. It's black with pebbled/textured surface. As close as you are going to get to the OEM finish IMO.
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    My AHU Corrado VNT GT1749va Turbo Build Thread

    While I still eagerly await the results from this project that g60 is doing, seeing the original thread quoted (hgeittmann with the 15/17 hybrid, PP520's, RC3 - the exact same setup that I have) I don't hold much hope for drastic increases in power. Hg mentions only a 4hp/4tq increase after this...
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    LF: Cheap EGT Gauge w Probe

    I use this one:
  17. codeblue

    Getting a key cut

    I took my motorcycle keys to Dundas Lock n Key in downtown Dundas because the Kawi dealer recommended them. They do a lot of keys for autos so, I guess I would recommend them.
  18. codeblue

    Injection Pump Rebuild

    This is where I had my pump rebuilt. It cost a LOT of money but the one bonus was that one everything was finished, I actually gained maybe 5-10% better fuel economy.
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    D@mn Raccoons

    Sounds like what you need is a cow catcher: