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  1. Tdijarhead

    Oil burning from back of engine and exhaust

    The last time I had a turbo failure with oil dumping into the exhaust, it took an almost 10 mile drive to clear it. At the start of the drive the cloud of smoke was so bad I couldn’t see the road behind me and every mosquito in two counties was choking.
  2. Tdijarhead

    Bew engine

    i have 487k miles on my 05 Golf with the BEW. I have replaced the cam but you can do that in your driveway in a weekend. Pull the valve cover check the chamfer on the lobes of the cam if the edges are sharp a new cam is in order if you can still see chamfer on all the lobes you’re good. The tips...
  3. Tdijarhead

    Why is the ventiation system blowing HOT air only?

    Here is an eBay link to one...
  4. Tdijarhead

    Project Resurrection: Rebuilding a Junkyard Bound TDI

    Did I miss the after interior shots. You said you put in plaids from a GTI which is an MK5 or 6 correct? Was there any issues fitting them to the seat rail system VW seems to use?
  5. Tdijarhead

    posted a while back about my 06 1.9 TDI Beetle under Help

    It looks to me like your battery is dead. 10.56v- 11.32v that is a battery in desperate need of charging or replacement. When the car is running I see 13.9 which is what it should be, so it looks like your battery is just not holding a charge and if that’s true replacement could resolve some...
  6. Tdijarhead

    1.9 TDI engine code differencies

    You might only need a new head instead of the whole engine. Here in the states there are a couple of places that offer refurbished heads, swapping out your old one as a core. It might be easier to find a head and just replace that as opposed to the entire engine. Is there no place in the EU that...
  7. Tdijarhead

    I'm out of $ and ready to sell my 002 jetta tdi

    Looks like it might be a California car.
  8. Tdijarhead

    Turbo ok but sometimes Limps

    Just to throw this out there, don’t go to eBay or amazon to buy a turbo. Although idparts, cascadegerman, and metalmanparts all have an eBay store so they would be okay, though I prefer to deal directly with any one of them. Other than those 3 any turbo bought off eBay or amazon is likely to be...
  9. Tdijarhead

    Turbo ok but sometimes Limps

    All BEW engines take the same style actuator. Yes it would fit. If you live in the salt belt or have lived there the two bolts that hold that metal flange to the turbo will probably round off when you attempt removal. That would necessitate removal of the turbo to drill those bolts out...
  10. Tdijarhead

    Turbo ok but sometimes Limps

    There is no factory "smart" actuator for the KP 39 turbo. Having said that you can get an aftermarket chinese copy, normally I don't suggest you buy chinese anything for your car but I have purchased this about 2 years ago and it's still working fine. You...
  11. Tdijarhead

    Boost Leak Riddle...

    My daughter hit an unmarked cut out in the road with her beetle. That accident drained the oil pan and gave her turbo a nice screech, fortunately I had a spare turbo on my shelf.
  12. Tdijarhead

    Turbo issue??

    You’re welcome! I’m glad you found the problem. Guessing over the internet is kinda of hit and miss. Keep your old turbo as a spare.
  13. Tdijarhead

    Turbo issue??

    Unlikely a battery would cause physical turbo issues. A low/dying battery might cause issues on the control side. I don’t think that would include a noise from the turbo. Is there any chance the noise is coming from something besides the turbo? It does sound like you have a parasitic draw which...
  14. Tdijarhead

    Thoughts on digital clusters in modern cars

    I just recently purchased a used 2016 dodge caravan. I need to have access to a more or less regular sized van for business once or twice a month. When I went looking I found the van in a nearby town, it has no backup camera, no radio touchscreen of any kind, no backup or blind spot sensors, no...
  15. Tdijarhead

    2003 Beetle

    Pull the tail light housing, remove the bulbs, tighten up the sockets so the bulbs set in the sockets tighter. This assumes you have power to the rear socket? Have you checked the fuses?
  16. Tdijarhead

    Temp light questions

    Blinking blue light...problem with cooling system Steady is cold (normal on start up) the light goes off when car reaches normal temp Blinking red...low coolant Steady red ....overheating If the blue light doesn’t go out the car is not reaching operating temp. Change out the...
  17. Tdijarhead

    ///// Finally installed my GLI recaro seats ... Unintended consequences though /////

    Get a vcds scan of the airbag module. It’s likely that it’s just a power fault light and will clear easily. Or it could be related to the seat buckle itself. There are two wires in the buckle and those wires can be a problem. The good news is you can swap the buckle from your old seat onto the...
  18. Tdijarhead

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP. P0299 Check that actuator as suggested.
  19. Tdijarhead

    Turbo issue??

    It sounds as though the old turbo is still in good shape. Did you check the bolts/nuts on the block off plates yet? Are there any holes in your exhaust pipe, such as the flex pipe almost underneath the turbo itself? You can tell by the black carbon that indicates a leak in the pipe.