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  1. dubStrom

    Nice Simple plywood Winter front

    I haven't posted for years. Too pissed off at VW for sticking me with a $860 repair from the faulty pano roof drain/block overflow, wiring disaster (bundle of connectors under the A pillar). Then the recall for the faulty pano roof drain came out, and VWoA declined/ignored my requests for...
  2. dubStrom

    Winter front

    moved to A7 (2015 sportwagen)
  3. dubStrom

    Coolant blown out from expansion bottle

    I sympathize with all of you dealing with various cooling system problems. No, I mean really sympathize, because I have had my own, and still do! 1. When my sunroof drain failed, causing overflow to drain through the A-pillar, soaking the wiring bundle(s) directly under it (with connectors...
  4. dubStrom

    2015 Golf TDI long crank first start of the day

    My 2015 DSG Sportwagen usually doesn't wait AT ALL before cranking. No time for the glowplugs to even start warming up. So it usually cranks for 3-4 seconds. Once warm, it pops to life instantly. My 2014 6NT (RIP) always waited for the glow plugs, and always started instantly. I think the 2015...
  5. dubStrom

    Drop in MPG after KESSY "did something"

    I've had issues with KESSY not completely shutting down after I just turn on the "accessories" by pressing the button without holding the brake (to adjust/reset stuff in the radio/car interface). I press it to turn off, all dash lights go out, but...It drains the battery. Something is left...
  6. dubStrom

    right rear backup light keeps blowing out!

    I contacted VW via email a few months ago and sent the invoice for the work done from the sunroof leaking at my expense- drying out the floor, the wiring, replacing connectors they claimed had to be replaced. As I mentioned, I paid close to 900 dollars. VW ignored my request for reimbursement...
  7. dubStrom

    EA288 Thermostat Replacement

    Yes. Thanks. I WILL indeed avail myself of the car's onboard diagnostics, one way or the other! :)
  8. dubStrom

    EA288 Thermostat Replacement

    Oh...I can read the codes, and I will. I hope there is a clue there. I was just confused about the choice of OBD instead of VCDS. And yes, OBD does trigger/launch OBD routines. Actually, running the OBDII from my phone is easier than connecting my laptop to the RossTech interface!
  9. dubStrom

    EA288 Thermostat Replacement

    oilhammer just mentioned an OBD as well. I have a BAFX OBDII that I got for my wife's CRV, and usng Torq Pro app to run it from the Cell phone.. But I do have VCDS on my laptop and a RossTech interface. I've never run the OBDII on the TDI (always VCDS). You are talking about just reading fault...
  10. dubStrom

    EA288 Thermostat Replacement

    Yes. I do need to run VAGCOM, check for faults. This is my current wagon-the 2015 TDI DSG (Fuelly below). It has over 65k on it now, which is way more than my sweet old '14 three pedal wagon had when it was wiped out by the Uber in a MB E350. Reading the thread called "Coolant blown out from...
  11. dubStrom

    EA288 Thermostat Replacement

    Even if I leave the ducting in the same position when I turn it off (say... split defrost windshield/feet heater), the ducting system goes through a set of movements when I start it in the morning (face, then back to selected routing). I suppose this is normal, as the ducting doors are probably...
  12. dubStrom

    EA288 Thermostat Replacement

    I posted a comment a couple of days ago (thread "No heat from heater") on what I thought was a bad valve on the main circuit, but I guess it is not a valve, but rather just a Tstat that regulates the coolant to the radiator. Ticaf suggested the Tstat is the culprit. My '15 wagon warms up OK...
  13. dubStrom

    Convert 6MT to DSG .. ?

    With TDIs totally dried up in NA, this conversation has some merit. When driving gently and quietly through the neighborhood, DSG upshifts when I want to drift near idle in present gear, won't upshift when I don't want to accelerate, and these shifts use fuel and wear out the DSG. I bought the...
  14. dubStrom

    right rear backup light keeps blowing out!

    The work was done while the car was under warranty, but it wasn't considered covered. Now that the recall is in place for the sunroof drain problem, I can make the argument that it was in fact a defect, and I will make a claim for a refund. If it is turned down, I will tell them I will just hand...
  15. dubStrom

    right rear backup light keeps blowing out!

    All good ideas. So here is what I didn't mention... The right rear quarter panel was replaced. The job was done right. Even the color is a good match. But the 115V receptacle was not reinstalled in the retainer quite snugly. I managed to plug an extension cord into it and it works fine, just not...
  16. dubStrom

    right rear backup light keeps blowing out!

    Searched for burned out backup lights blown out, etc. But can't find a thread. My 2015 Golf wagon keeps blowing out right rear back up light. Any clues about what might cause this? The left rear backup light never blows out. I tried L.E.D. and it blew out that one too! HELP!
  17. dubStrom

    Sunroof drains. I was warned. Got bit.

    I have a slanted uphill driveway and if I back in, ALL of the water that enters around the pano goes to the front left drain. I learned that the hard way (just like OP). So I pull in forward. Problem solved now.Any leak doesn't drench the fuse box, wire bundles. The VW tech was about to replace...
  18. dubStrom

    Tallest tire for 16" wheel on a GSW

    I put 215 tread width tire on mine. 215/60R-17 CONTINENTAL TRUECONTACT SL THese are about 28" tall and fit tight in the wheel wells. But they do not rub the fenders. I do get contact when I have the steering pined left or right, but that is a creeping speed and I usually back off from pinned a...
  19. dubStrom

    window problem after door replacement

    I have not. Any preparation, like engine running (or just ignition on). Anything else? Up first, then down required? What is this calibrating? Pinch protect calibration? This car may have been started with the door UN-connected while moving around the shop. Maybe this killed the...
  20. dubStrom

    window problem after door replacement

    My right rear door had to be replaced after a weird accident. The collision repair shop is excellent, and it looks like new. But now the one touch down (or up) function does NOT work on JUST that window! The window regulator, speaker, and all interior trim was swapped into the door shell, so...