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    Diesel price...

    For all the data junkies out there... Since the I bought my 2003 Jetta in 2011, here's my info. Total kilometers driven: 398106 Total liters used: 20265 Total fuel cost: $23492 Average cents per liter cost: 115.92 Average liters per 100kms: 5.09 Average imperial MPG: 55.49 Average US MPG: 46.22...

    Diesel price...

    I guess that depends on which "gasoline car". Fuelly is a great resource for this. But if we use My 2023 data the "gasoline car" would have to do BETTER than 37 US mpg (6.36 l/100km) to have a cheaper fuel cost to drive 8193km. According to Fuelly data, most newer...

    Diesel price...

    Wow, I forgot to post this... Thanks for the nudge. 10 fill-ups, 8193 km driven, total fuel used 453 liters, cost for fuel $775. That results in fuel economy of 5.53 l/100kms and fuel cost to drive 100km of $9.46 Diesel average price (at the time of my fill-ups) for 2023 has decreased to...
  4. Diesel v Gas 2023.JPG

    Diesel v Gas 2023.JPG



    I'd say, with all that work, she's ready for another 400k. A lot of effort and $$ to spend on a 20 year old vehicle, but as the saying goes, the don't make them like they used to. As our MK4's age, the greatest challenge (up here, at least) is keeping the rust at bay. Well Done!


    O OK, what was all that 4... Nice (and well done on the staging) (y)

    Intermittent coolant leak

    I have almost exactly the same thing… It leaks only a few drops and only intermittently, but I think I have it narrowed it down to the o-ring between the coolant flange and the head. I have new o-ring ready to go, but my plan is to monitor the coolant level through the winter and hopefully push...

    Basic timing help OBDeleven

    I’ve only watched over someone’s shoulder as they used obdeleven, so no real experience here but… it looks like from your video the software wants you to wait until the engine is fully warmed up (whatever that means :unsure:). At least according to the “Description” note

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    ... and now back to our regularly scheduled program ;) I did the summer to winter tire and wheel changeover. At the same time, replaced badly worn rear pads and rotors. Both rear brake calipers are showing their age and the pistons were VERY difficult to rotate backwards enough to get the new...
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    MK4 Roof Rack

    Don’t know where in Canada you are but there are used OEM racks available on both FB marketplace and Kijiji… No affiliation with the seller. I have the same rack 2 bicycle racks and it works very well
  11. TDIGAZ

    Window only moves partial way for each button press

    It could be the window’s auto-up and auto-down feature that is not programmed correctly. Use the switch to get the window to the full down location, then press and hold the switch down for about 5 seconds. This should reteach the auto-down feature. Do similar for the auto-up… Use the switch to...
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    Mk4Front seat wobble

    This site shows the part (I think?). See item #16
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    Year and Mileage Check

    ^^^^^^^ Updated full list with recent post info... Please review to ensure I didn't miss anyone (you) :unsure:
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    Year and Mileage Check

    1998: 637,000 km 1998 diesel4ever (my niece) 521,000 km 1998 soundchk 463,289 km 1998 rhyland 442,569 km 1998 gaddman 390,000 km 1998 chaloux (beetle) 248,270 km 1998 p2b 197,940 km 1998 keks 98,500 km 1998 big_worm81 1999: 746,871 km 1999.5 chef 740,000 km 1999.5 cosmic green (retired june...
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    Starting to wonder if there's a special trick to pouring PowerService from the 64/80 ounce jugs....

    What I do is… - Leave the foil seal on the big jug of Power Service - Puncture a small hole on one side of the foil seal - Puncture a larger hole on the opposite side of the foil seal - Using the small hole as a vent, slowly pour through the larger hole into small bottles - NOTE: when piercing...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Yeah, I would seriously consider this next time if I was installing the MOOG springs again. In the past, I've easily installed Suplex springs by supporting the rear axle beam and then removing the lower bolts on both rear shocks to allow the beam to pivot enough to get the springs in position...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I feel your pain... After replacing a couple sets of Suplex springs for exactly the same issue, I decided to try another brand. I installed a set of MOOG 81055 rear springs last summer. The difference in...
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    Diesel price...

    It's that time of year again... My end of year chart and data for 2022 of diesel price versus gas price at the location of my fill-ups. 10 fill-ups, 7182 km driven, total fuel used 385 liters, cost for fuel $733. That results in fuel economy of 5.37 l/100kms and fuel cost to drive 100km of...
  19. Diesel v Gas 2022.JPG

    Diesel v Gas 2022.JPG

  20. TDIGAZ

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    2 jobs today... One job for necessity, as my driver's side mirror assembly simply crumbled and fell apart. Photo evidence of what happened. I was fortunate to find a nice colour matching donor car (City Jetta) at my local parts yard. Here's the finished product on my car... The second...