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  1. ts888

    Broken turbo stud

    Do you have room to drill it in situ? If not, you can remove the turbo and drill it on the bench.
  2. ts888

    Bv43 on an ALH?

    You are correct. I forget VW casts the hot side as part of the exhaust mani.
  3. ts888

    injection pumps rebuilding

    I send customer stuff to DFIS regularly, but if I needed a pump for my TDI I'd happily spend 60% less and get it from Power TDI. Heck, DFIS can have my old pump for free!
  4. ts888

    Bv43 on an ALH?

    Can you re-clock the turbo?
  5. ts888

    injection pumps rebuilding

    PowerTDI in Poland is gaining fans...
  6. ts888

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Front brakes today. When I put the winter tires on in December I noticed the left front pads were not wearing evenly, the inner was down to about 5mm, so I knew it was coming. Since this car is the poster child for deferred maintenance, I decided to do it all -- pads, rotors, calipers and...
  7. ts888

    Cascade German,,,Question are they still a responsible with the excellent PR that they used to have?

    Where I live there is no overnight shipping. And I live about 45 minutes from Cascade. FedEx and UPS route through Portland, then to The Dalles. If a business in Portland ships overnight to me, I get it in 2 days. If a business in Denver ships overnight to me, I get it in 2 days. If I have...
  8. ts888

    Anyone ever ALH swap a Honda Element?

    Yeah, I was thinking last night more about gear ratios, etc. Probably not worth the effort, even with a free car. We did VTEC solenoid for the customer a year or so back. The engine is quiet, so unlikely the timing chain/guides/tensioner need any immediate attention. I think I'll drive if...
  9. ts888

    Anyone ever ALH swap a Honda Element?

    I have been gifted a 2003 Element. It's AWD, manual. Mechanically it's OK, 190k miles, no major faults outstanding, clutch feels OK. The K24 runs fine, but it's not a diesel... The engine compartment is pretty big, and the setup -- engine mounted transverse, transmission on the left side --...
  10. ts888

    ALH air in fuel lines after sitting overnight

    I should check this. I get a bubble in the clear line when the car sits overnight. Doesn't affect starting or running, but it still bugs me...
  11. ts888

    Is it OK to share cars for sale that are not mine?

    Well OK then... For sale, not mine! 2002 vw golf tdi alh 5-speed - auto parts - by owner - vehicle automotive sale - craigslist There are 5 or 6 decent ALH cars for sale on CL in the US PNW right now, mostly manuals.
  12. ts888

    Is it OK to share cars for sale that are not mine?

    There is a car ALH fans may find of interest in Seattle that is listed in "Parts", not cars FS (a common mistake, based on my observations.) I'll post a link if it's OK.
  13. ts888

    ALH Alternator Replacement

    9 minutes of that is fiddling with the hood release lever... 🤡
  14. ts888

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Finally retired my battery, a VW branded one dated 2012. In the last couple weeks it has been unenthusiastic about starting the car on cold mornings, I have had to jump it a couple of times. Confirmed the alternator was still humping, so I tested the battery and the verdict from the Snappy...
  15. ts888

    PLEASE HELP 06 jetta tdi

    ...and WHY is the fan always running? I'd start by checking relay(s), since fans almost always get power from a relay. Is there a relay that is getting a switching signal when it should not? AC and coolant temperature sensor are the primary source of fan requests, so those need to be evaluated.
  16. ts888

    Need wiring diagram

    Bentley manual has diagrams, also you can do a short subscription to VW Erwin and download them.
  17. ts888

    Where does this heat shield go?

    I'm pretty sure that shield is just there so you can leave it off and join the "I left it off" club.
  18. ts888

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Yes, Frostheater.
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