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  1. Nuje

    FS: ERF Six speed manual Trans swap for ALH or PD Mk4

    For those who eschew following a link to see an image, here's the photo from the original post. (Note to @Illgetyou22! : if you change the dl=0 to raw=1 at the end of a Dropbox link, you can use that as the URL to post an inline image here....which is what I did with your hyperlink.:))
  2. Nuje

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I'll take removing a sensor over tracking down a wiring issue on something that starts under the hood and reaches all the way to the rear wheels. Unless, of course, there's an abraded wire screaming HERE I AM as soon as I pull off the wheel. :)
  3. Nuje

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Due for a brake fluid flush, and with the rear pads getting a little thin (and rotors looking like crap) decided to do the rear brakes as well. Access to the big M14 carrier bolts was a lot easier than on the Mk5/6 cars - no problem getting a ratchet on them, just needed the flex head on the 24"...
  4. Nuje

    06 BRM DSG Jetta. Diesel odor.

    Two BEWs and one BRM (out of a sample size total of five 2004-2006 cars) that I've worked on have had the EGR "hot" pipe completely severed. Came off as two completely separate pieces. Looked fine sitting in the car, but as soon as you grabbed one end, you could tell it had more play than it...
  5. Nuje

    2014 Jetta Sportwagen 2.0 TDI SHOULD I be thrilled or concerned?

    So, we can see the $13K repair bill; what's the asking price on the car?
  6. Nuje

    Car died while driving

    A 6mm (or very close to that) drill bit will work as a pin to lock/confirm the injection pump position. Be sure to use the "butt-end" of the bit, not the twisty part - you do NOT want that to have that break off in the lock hole, lest you create a lot of additional work for yourself.
  7. Nuje

    Low Tire pressure reset

    Security access / login for most typical ABS functions is 20103. Although....apparently there are "others" (to say the least). The only ones in this pile that ring a bell with all of the ABS messing around I've done are the aforementioned 20103 and 19249. I'd say give those two a try. Other...
  8. Nuje

    DMF Fitment issue - Please help.

    Ohhhh - good thought. That's the type of thing I would do, so worth pointing out. 👍
  9. Nuje

    Lets talk impact guns

    Somewhat off-topic, but you can always fill through the little "port" next to the shifter tower, too. T40 or T45 head bolt. Measure how much comes out, then dump in 2L regardless because they're always a little low.
  10. Nuje

    DMF Fitment issue - Please help.

    Fitment of the DMF126 (4150740090) over at FCPeuro indicates it's only for CJAA and CBEA (?). No mention of the CKRA Passat.
  11. Nuje

    DMF Fitment issue - Please help.

    The SKU at CascadeGerman would suggest otherwise...?
  12. Nuje

    CR140 Flapper Valve Performance...

    You mean the M8 triple-square bolts that fasten the IM to the head? Or are there other ones? (Gotta think someone diving into dissecting the intake manifold wouldn't view those triple-squares as "special" anymore. ;) )
  13. Nuje


    I've got a set with BMW HID projectors and glass lenses that I've been meaning to post FS here. Send me a pm and text number and we can try to make this work; I'm heading down to Wenatchee in a couple weeks, so could possibly meet up to drop them off and save shipping...?
  14. Nuje

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Given the specific question and probably good answers, I'd suggest starting a bespoke thread for this topic - easier to find for future searchers (I'm thinking of myself here, too, of course :D).
  15. Nuje

    Golf Wagon/Estate Coming soon hopefully

    Look at his location: be in the EU for starters. :) is one of numerous "auto trader"-type sites over there that I spend way too much time on, browsing and dreaming.
  16. Nuje

    New camshaft, no codes but torsion value way out of range

    The "paint marks" method will get you close, but obviously, not close enough. The old one you took off was stretched a little bit; the new one not. The factory way of doing the change has you set the tension with the only other pulley that matters (camshaft) floating - so the tension is spread...
  17. Nuje

    Golf Wagon/Estate Coming soon hopefully

    Yeah - outside of USA, Comfortline is mid-tier. Trendline (S) --> Comfortline (SE) --> Highline (SEL) (and more recently)--->Execline/R-Line
  18. Nuje

    Wiring "chirp" horn to a button

    Right! That was the other thing that got me thinking that; I remember seeing Mark Rober's video, too, now that you mention it. I'll have to look at that again. Feels like if you arm the alarm with the engine running....alarm is going to say "ALARM!!!"
  19. Nuje

    Immobilizer Delete Question

    I've found the Mk6 and particularly Mk7 cars a lot less forgiving, too, compared to the Mk4 - I took my teenage niece and nephew out in the ALH car and both started from a dead stop without stalling on the first try. I know many here dislike it, but hill-hold-assist on the Mk7 is a godsend in...
  20. Nuje

    Manual Transmission Oil for 6 speed manual 02Q

    Maybe add in a tube of LiquiMoly Happy Gears paste (name approximate)...?