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  1. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Switch between biodiesel and diesel?

    Mike: You can probably go with B100 on a '99 TDI. However, Whitedog's advice is good as the viscosity of bio can vary and IMHO, this has been the concern for bio-related problems.
  2. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Switch between biodiesel and diesel?

    mike; How about giving us the year and model of your car. That might help in making a recommendation. Another option is to run a mix (%) of bio and D2.
  3. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    VW TSB group 17, 03-01, on September 17, 2003

    505.00 is not the correct spec for the PD engines. I could be wrong, but I doubt anyone will find a VW TSB which state it's acceptable to use 505.00 spec oil in a PD.
  4. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    VW TSB group 17, 03-01, on September 17, 2003

    sdg-- The PD engines first appeared in the US in MY 2004. Therfore it's unlikely a 2003 TSB would address the 505.01 spec unless the TSB was issued in late 2003.
  5. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Blower not working - fuse ok...

    Relay? Not sure where it might be located. Would have to refer to the Bentley manual.
  6. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Car Cover Installation question

    extension cord + hair dryer = unstuck cover.
  7. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Car Cover Installation question

    Cub Go ahead and cover the car. I have a similar cover for my P/U and cover it even if it's wet from rain. never had a problem with it drying out.
  8. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Cetane ratings of fuel companies

    Mike: US law only requires a minimum cetane rating of 40. Because this value can vary from delivery to delivery, most suppliers will only state the cetane is at least 40. Might be higher or even much higher, but they won't post it as the next load might just meet the 40 standard.
  9. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Filling an 09

    Well, diesel fuel does foam quite a bit and that might be impacting the auto shut-off on the pump handle. You might have to try pumping until it shut off and then re-trying until the tank is full.
  10. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Filling an 09

    Another option would be to manually fill by holding the lever 1/2 to 3/4.
  11. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Power Service Diesel Kleen recalled?

    Have to agree with Bob F. The cost per dose for each tank is small compared to replacing injectors, other engine related repairs. I just bought more PS today and the cost, with tax, is just under $0.08 per gallon of fuel treated. $1.20 to treat 15 gallons is worth the piece of mind.
  12. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Biodiesel from coffee grounds

    Considering how much Starbucks charges for a cup of coffee, I suspect used grounds converted to biodiesel would cost about $10 for a 12oz. cup.:D
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    A few newbie questions

    Dogdome: Welcome and take time to read the enumerable posts of how to properly maintain your TDI. While some techs at dealerships know how to work on TDIs, generally most have no clue. 1,000 miles into recently changed oil, a tech told me I needed an oil change because the oil was black...
  14. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    A few newbie questions

    Oxymoron? VW service depts. know how to maintain a TDI? Heck, I get letters all the time from the dealer reminding me it's time for my 3k oil change. Not only that, most have no clue about the 505.01 or 507.00 spec required for BEW (code designation for PD engine) engines. IMHO, 5k OCI is...
  15. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    fluorescent green diesel?

    Maybe it was leftover from the big St. Patrick's Day special they were running last March.:D
  16. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Dealership....$200 an hr...????

    My understanding of dealerships.
  17. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Dealership....$200 an hr...????

    Did they charge you for the first suitcase in your trunk? Maybe the dealership is learning lessons from the airline industry.:eek:
  18. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Daytime headlights, kill'em

    Ditto, must have been a weak battery. You would have to leave the lights on for hours to kill a good battery/
  19. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Common TDI CEL causes?

    Just my 2 cents. I've had 4-5 CELs and everytime they came out to be P0672- #2 cyl glow plug circuit. The VW techs (under warranty) are stumped and tend to agree with me that it's probably the harness, although they can't replace it until they can establish the harness is at fault. I got one...
  20. Fahrfuwerfuelen

    Wierd: No Start 3x; then Start

    Found out the problem was the battery.