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  1. J_dude

    New South Gauge Install, Show and Tell

    Yeah mine too 🤣 One day I hope to have the time to sit down and make sense of it though.
  2. J_dude

    tuning analysis - what's in a malone tune - starter kit

    I find they really don't like it when you complain about only getting 45mpg on the last tank... 🤣 Just drives em crazy and I love it hahaha
  3. J_dude

    New South Gauge Install, Show and Tell
  4. J_dude

    Project Blueberry

    Might need to replace those o-rings on the relief valve?
  5. J_dude

    New South Gauge Install, Show and Tell

    Yeah I paired my oil pressure and EGT together down by the cluster since they're the new "always on" version. I think it will look better once I get the kw1281test figured out and change the cluster backlighting to always be on as well.
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  7. J_dude

    Sick turbo noises

    Guess I should add, my ALH does occasionally make that "choo" sound that all the kids love but only between 1st and 2nd gear at low rpms, and it won't do it when I'm working it hard and let off suddenly, which is when you would expect to hear it, if it is indeed turbo bark.
  8. J_dude

    Sick turbo noises

    I've heard that sound from ALH cars that are still stock. Can't imagine it's that much of a problem, and it sounds completely different than ordinary turbo bark so is that really what it is? Bark examples:
  9. J_dude

    Why is the ventiation system blowing HOT air only?

    Well now, that would have been a lot easier than the bracket I bent up that screws to the bottom of the box... 😂
  10. J_dude

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Yeah I know, I'd be fine with it if that's all it was, but you know how many people are abusing the system and wasting your hard earned money? I take care of my own health, so why should I need to pay for those who neglect or even consciously abuse theirs? But anyway, this is getting off topic...
  11. J_dude

    TDI 1st Gen Tacoma Swap

    VERY nice work man! 👍 Hate to tell you this now, but you could have skipped all that MAF stuff if you had a tune from @burpod...
  12. J_dude

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Yeah, it cost all the rest of us instead of the person who needed it... both our health systems are flawed.
  13. J_dude

    Car died while driving

    So turn the crank another revolution and it should line up.
  14. J_dude

    Car died while driving

    I just want to mention that the belt itself is rarely the cause of failure, so a visual inspection really won't tell you anything useful. Typically the water pump or a pulley bearing goes bad and seizes up and that's what takes the belt out. If you have any doubts whatsoever about the age or...
  15. J_dude

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Definitely in pretty good shape for an Onterrible car. 😂
  16. J_dude

    Motor mount bracket torque

    So half the ear broke off the block? This is the fix for that:
  17. J_dude

    Flywheel mark passed the TDC

    I hope you're going to cap/cover those injectors... So you verified that cylinder #1 piston was at the top of its stroke with a dowel through the glow plug hole, and there was no visible mark on the flywheel?
  18. J_dude

    Fix or Cut Loose?

    I would recommend finding a shop that actually knows how to work on Volkswagens and enjoys it, it's pretty common for shops that hate working on German cars (and there are many of those kind) to quote ridiculous high prices so you'll back out and they won't have to do the job. Bet if you find a...
  19. J_dude

    Will a BV-39 fit in a BEW?

    The thing with TT stuff is, "if you're getting this then, you might as well get that" and it escalates to the point where you're better off having a parts car to swap everything over 😂 Spindles, brakes, control arms, sway bar, subframe, steering rack...
  20. J_dude

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I'd guess they're just steelies, but I bet it still gets great mileage with those covers 😄