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    AdBlue: tank consumed in 4,000 miles?

    Long time reader, very infrequent poster. Here goes... I have a 2013 Passat TDI SE with about 65,000 miles on the clock. It's been very methodically maintained by my dealer at each interval. Up until now, I hadn't even touched the DEF/AdBlue port - the dealer filled it at each 10,000 mile...
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    Cell Phone Mount

    I use the Kenu Airframe on my left-center vent. If you clip it in just to the left of the slide adjuster, it locks in nicely and is solid. I have an iPhone 6 and a very short Belkin lighting 12V charger that is coiled. I'm able to close the little door beneath the HVAC controls and have the...
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    Clunk in rear of car when starting and stopping

    This also happened in my 2013. The compass is inside the trunk lid, pretty much behind where the VW logo is. To get in there, you need to remove the inside plastic cover. There are two Torx screws, one in each "handle" indentation, which you remove first, and then eight metal clips. I had to tug...
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    Buy now or wait for 2016 Passat?

    This. I would get serious envy if they simply did a nice lighting upgrade (HID/LED headlights and LED tails.) Apart from window tint and upgraded wheels, lighting was the only thing I felt was worth modding on my 2013 TDI!
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    How do you remove the headlights?

    It sounds like you're talking about taking apart the headlight assembly, not actually removing it from the car (you've gotten that far.) The assembly itself is fused together and not intended to be disassembled, to prevent moisture, etc. Some folks have done this to put HID projectors in the...
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    TURBO: Please report NMS turbo failures here. [not a discussion thread!]

    Miles on car at failure: 48,100 Build date: 12-2012 Corrective actions from dealership: Awaiting response, towed to dealer where purchased (Gebhardt VW) Outside air temps at failure: 81 degrees F Failure warning signs, if any: whistling, loss of power Warning lights on dash/MFI: glow plug light...
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    Drl led

    I have firsthand experience with the deAutoKey lights - DRLs, reverse lights, taillights, interior. I made my Passat 100% LED with their products, and it is a great improvement!
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    30,000 miles, goodbye Hankooks

    My tire person at Big O recommended a set of Nitto Motivo tires for my 2013 Passat (I bought 18" wheels from my VW dealer.) I did a small amount of research online and pulled the trigger. Compared to the OEM Hankook tires and my winter tires, the car handles better, rides quieter, and is far...