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    VW SHARAN Faults

    I own a VW Sharan Chassis Type: 7N-VW36 (7N0) Someone could help identifiyng this: 19282 - Control Circuit for Reductant Pump 2 P20FC 00 [039] - Short to GND and this: 22558 - Relay for Reductant System P20EB 00 [039] - Turn-off too late thanks in advance
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    VW Sharan 2016 clock spring issues

    My Vw Sharan’s (2016) clock spring was defective. The clock spring was replaced, and solved the problem of the airbag, horn and buttons, however others appeared: steering assistance, esp, abs, autolock, start stop, and wiper handle, in horizontal movement does not work (splash and rear glass...