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    FS: Parting out CBEA cylinderhead, Engine block and All related parts

    Mk5 front fenders (preferably black)? Sent from a Cummins plant, driving a TDI, wishing it was a Powerstroke
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    2010-2012 Golf Cat back

    Is this completely straight piped? Whose downpipe will work with it? Edit: nevermind, missed the golf part...don't have any for a Jetta do you? Sent from a Cummins plant, driving a TDI, wishing it was a Powerstroke
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    CR140 Flapper Valve Performance...

    Let's stop talking about it and someone tell me how to do it and I'll test it lol Sent from a Cummins plant, driving a TDI, wishing it was a Powerstroke
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    CR140 Big Turbo Build

    Controlled leak.......also know as a Wastegate You should be able to have a lot of the surging tuned out with the variable nozzles in the turbo anyway. I'm not a tuning expert but I know they use the VGT in the truck turbos to get rid of surging. Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk 2
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    CP3 Pump Install Experiments.**Big Picts**

    Awesome work! Following for updates. Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk 2
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    October 2012 Mileage Thread

    Driver: Powerstroke GONE TDI Miles: 652.3 Gallons: 14.31 Model Year: 2009 Model: Jetta Tranny: DSG Fuel Type: ULSD 90/10 highway/city Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk 2
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    F/S - Rawtek 2.0 CR Downpipe and Mid-Pipe

    If that falls threw, I'm next in line
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    Video: CR140 2.5 Straight Pipe

    Not to mention its not injecting that extra fuel on the exhaust stroke therefore the pump doesn't have to work as hard, during regens at least. And not deluting the oil, and it has less back pressure, and better spool up, and and and..... The good far out way the little bit of pollution these...
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    Video: CR140 2.5 Straight Pipe

    Sounds great! Whose kit and tuning did you go with? I'm looking to do the same once my dpf clogs whenever that might be. I also commute bout 110 miles a day so I'm sure it would help a lot
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    2012 TDi Chip

    Well if that's true I don't know how anybody I know still has a diesel truck that is still running right then. My dads truck (6.4 Powerstroke) has seen right at 1450 degrees and my buddys Dmax saw almost 1600 while racing my old truck... What I have always read on the forums and everything is...
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    2012 TDi Chip

    Idk where he got that info but 1150 is no where near the limit. He could ride at temp forever. Over 1300 is where the concern comes in but only after a longer period of time.
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    Stumble and miss during regen

    Ohhh gotcha! I was wondering why the fan was running wide open the other night when it was 30 degrees and I was driving really easy. Thanks!
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    Stumble and miss during regen

    How can you tell when it is doing a regen?? I can't tell when mine does it at all...
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    CR TDI, DSG, REVO tune - Engine hiccups as trans shifts

    My guess is that is why the are offering tuning for the DSG also... I think they should offer the tunes in a package because I don't think a diesel engine should be tuned without the trans being tuned as well, with auto that is.
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    Blow off valve They work and serve an important purpose.
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    Blow off valve

    I'm glad there are some people that do agree with me! :D And yes, the 6.4 Powerstroke will do it a lot as would my old truck, the 6.0 Powerstroke. Yes the 180 000rpm to 0 was an exaggeration but yall got what I was saying. The "barking" or "farting" is no good for a turbo and I was only saying...
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    Blow off valve

    I think they need to change that part of the FAQ and say TDI's don't need one instead of "diesels" I come from the pickup diesel world and we don't like our turbos going from 180,000rpm to zero in a split second... just saying
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    New guy from NC

    And I'm sure that would be why their fuel mileage is not as good as the previous years... Do they make delete kits for atleast the DPF and EGR? I'm sure it voids the warranty but I know how all this new emission equipment clogs up engines and messes up mileage.
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    New guy from NC

    Yall are making it hard to choose lol. I'm thinking about buying a newer CR and it will probably have warranty so I wont have to worry about repair costs too much, atleast for a little while... How much is out in the aftermarket for these newer CR engines? Do they have DPF or any other stupid...