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    My 2012 TDI Touareg

    great looking Touareg you got there. nice work on keeping it clean. any updates about your custom exhaust plan?
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    My 2014 TDI Beetle

    great looking car.
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    My little money pit 01 2dr golf

    nice car with cool rims!
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    2000 jetta limping along

    nice car. hope you can update us when you install the new parts you've ordered
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    My alh rebuild

    we've seen good progress on your build, pal. your car looks nice
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    2015 Passat - Bagged

    nice shots. what a good looking ride
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    2015 Passat - Bagged

    your car looks good. nice rims you have there
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    My 2012 TDI Touareg

    great looking touareg
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    Audi A6 avant pd130 sleeper

    good looking ride you have there, Mick. have you started the mod on the exhaust? any updates?
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    B5.5 Wagons

    Hope you can update us about the progress of your build. have you fixed the leak problem?
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    2003 Passat TDI

    nice looking wagon
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    My alh rebuild

    bilstein struts and Nuespeed race springs - sweeeeeet! looks more badass now than the last time i check out this build. nice work!
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    NewBee Ford Tdci pickup

    great job on this one. nice looking ride. Have you started on the next project? hope you can give us a glimpse on your planned mod on the exhaust manifold and wastegate turbo, plus the customized intake
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    330 mile round trip for a day hike- MKVI content

    awesome photos. Looks like a fun trip with a nice view
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    Diesel Kills

    hahaha! cats always give that "death stare". my mom's cat usually does that whenever my kids and I visit there. anyway, hope you can post some pics from your trip
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    Beware of the Firestone Coil-Rite Air Spring

    My brother have these on his ride. he loads the vehicle with quite heavy stuff for his business. helped him install firestone air bag. I think its a great product especially if you installed it properly.
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    New guy here. 2000 alh Jetta

    we look forward to seeing your build thread posts. Nice ride you got there.
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    My alh rebuild

    Nice to know its running well now. What's your next plan with it?