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    Got my 2013 TDI tinted, 35% back and 50% front

    Looks exactly like what I did with mine. Same tints. My TDI was the dark gray(whatever color it is) and I've been very happy with those tints. We have the same issues in WI and I haven't had any 2nd looks. It does look much darker on a cloudy day than a sunny day.... Tim
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Now it works like the unit I originally paid for. Lokiwolf, Thanks for the help! this is the unit that I originally paid VW for. It's MUCH faster than the original OS in my Passat. take care, Whitecloud
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    30,000 miles, goodbye Hankooks

    Made it to 40k with the hannys and went conti pure contacts. Very happy with them after 5k. I need to see what they do in the snow though. Dry or wet roads are no problems at all
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Sorry, just getting back to the computer after being out this weekend. Yes, as LokiWolf said, it was just the map update. The system is still painfully slow. I think it updated a few of the recent road changes in our area and will have to check into it more tomorrow when i'm on the road...
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    NMS Passat - Curt Hitch Installation

    I have the same hitch on my 2013. The biggest complaint is that I want to use the cage for the back but by the time the 2" adapter comes out of the 1-1/4" receiver, it sits sooooo low the rack bottoms out.... a lot. Has anyone seen an adapter that comes out of the receiver and raises up a few...
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    Seat cover suggestions for 2013 Passat SEL

    After a year on the 2013 and 40K miles, with a light gray interior, mine still looks great. Unless you don't like the color, stay with what you bought. The seats seem to be holding up pretty well although I do have a cheap set of covers I'll use during the fall/hunting season.....
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Ran the update last week and it took about 3+ hrs. I had one of the early 2013s with the 510. There really hasn't been any real change in the speed. I did notice the book that came with the CD talked about having topographic info instead of weather but nothing seemed to change on the unit...
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    Trailer Package for 2012 Passat TDI SEL?

    It is low and does scrape! I had mine installed by the dealer JIK there were problems later on. It does sit low and I do have to watch out for it on driveways with a sharp angle. I'll be crawling under it to see if there's a better way to deal with it. It takes a 1-1/4" receiver and by the...
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    How many miles on your passat ?

    2013 Passat TDI SEL purchased in September 2012, 38,500miles as of this morning. Pretty much averaging about 40MPG:)
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    Timing belt on a budget

    Buy the parts at a quality shop as mentioned above and get a TDI'er to do it at one of the GTGs. Plan on a 4-5hr job and make sure you pay him well....if he knows what he's doing. As others mentioned, if it's not done right, it reeeeally gets expensive when your motor gets trashed.
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    03 mk4 bad milage, running out of options.

    Time to chill a little..... Every one of these has great info to follow to get your MPGs up. With all the "goodies", you may be sacrificing some MPG for the torque and HP. What are your tires? My original Mich's were the best MPG but absolutely horrid for winter driving. BFGs were best over...
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    Going on a trip, best tire pressure?

    Always ran 40 PSI ....In my 02 Jetta. With a full load, I would put a couple extra PSI in the rears... 40 front/42 rear YMMV Let us know what you get for the trip....
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    Green Diesel Cap - Void Warranty

    You can't fix stupid but we keep trying! My family was ejamakaited that my car is a diesel. It must have sunk in because both my wife and daughter either called me on the cell or made me watch them fill up the first time. LOL! I can't believe how long this thread is....
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    Gloves for Refueling ???

    ditto on a pair of rubber gloves in the trunk. I have a pair in each of my diesels. Diesel is an oil and stays around a lot longer(doesn't evaporate) and collects dirt. The soaps in the restrooms smell pretty for about 15 minutes or less, then it's back to the smell of diesel. Whether you use...
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    Friend wants to buy a TDI, but unsure if it should be new or used.

    Have him price out both. My guess is that when he looks at the price of used, the new isn't much more expensive. The used won't have much warrantee left and will probably need to have some expensive service done within the next 10K.
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    Bucking, stumbling, misfiring, check engine light on.

    I'm thinking timing is out of adjustment or you've got a load of bad fuel. Did either of you recently fill up? Drain the water separator on the fuel filter, add a bunch of Power Service(white bottle) and get through this tank.
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    newbie with a clutch life question

    Just to keep this thread confusing....246K on the clock, original clutch and had an Upsolute chip in it since 42K. I consider my driving style "spirited". If the previous owner was a bit slack with his upkeep, i.e., front end parts shot, most of the trim needs replacing, etc., He may not have...
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    Economy Improvement/Break In

    My $.02 It may take up to 30-40K miles to get "broken in". Diesels will take longer to get everything smoothed out. I wish I could give you a straight answer but not today.... My 02 seemed to really hit stride at about 50k and in the summer. Yes, the winter mix will mess with your mileage...
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    2013 SEL hands free issues-iPhone 4s

    Sorry to rain on your parade but the unit in the (mostly German) VW, with the (American company) "Fender" name on it, and made by a Japanese company (Japanese) Matsu****a, is typical for what most manufacturers do. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it's Matsu****a....and they know...
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    2013 SEL hands free issues-iPhone 4s

    Thanks for finding the thread. It seems to make sense.... I'm going to try it this weekend and see what happens.