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    Help me decipher chassis option codes?

    never mind - I was able to find the PR code 7MB is EU4+ emissions, while 7MG is EU5
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    Help me decipher chassis option codes?

    Hey guys, I`m getting into an A4 B8 CJAA swap (CAGA version in the A4) but am having a hard time figuring out which options I am after for the ECU etc. Does anybody understand what these codes mean? Is there a list of chassis options and what each one means? PR-7MB,7MG+, PR-7MG+, PR-0GZ etc...
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    Picking up a Q7 - what should I be worried about?

    Hiya folks, I`m about to pick up a 2011 Q7 3.0 TDi that currently has two codes stored P2463 - Excessive soot accumulation P2002 - Particulate Trap Bank 1 - Efficiency below threshold first off - I have no info on what the Audi TDI warranty status is - is there a way to check that? second -...
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    FS: Holset He211w and accessories

    I used to carry that unit but sold out - now we sale the SPA turbo T25 manifolds which are really good units:
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    2006 Audi A4Q Avant 2.0TFSI -> 2.0TDI (Holset edition)

    didn't really give up on it - it ran very well on the single 200 and I sold it before I added the second...the compound setup will definitely help with the spool but honestly I drove it daily and absolutely loved it...if I remember correctly the videos are with a 5.5cm He221 so it's already...
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    2006 Audi A4Q Avant 2.0TFSI -> 2.0TDI (Holset edition)

    hey - the car has been running the He200 at 34psi daily for a few years now - still running strong out on the West Coast... do you have any questions about the turbos? Since the build we were able to locate a 4cm version of the He200 so the spool is even better now...that turbo pulled hard and...
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    Tiguan 2.0TDi 4Motion auto

    I`ll get the ECU in but will need to confirm I can get the IMMO off on the EDC17 was fairly easy on the older ones...
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    Tiguan 2.0TDi 4Motion auto

    yup I already found the ECU on 7zap which something like 03L 906 022 AA and the harness should be: 03L 971 595 H...I`ll poke around a bit more and order them in...
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    Tiguan 2.0TDi 4Motion auto

    Folks, as far as I can dig out this was offered in EU - can somebody help me dig out part numbers for engine harness and ECU? I've got the car and engine ready to go but would rather source the parts before I start pulling engines donor is a FWD manual golf so it would probably be more...
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    audi b8 tdi swap info

    the big problem with the b8 is that there's no manual wagon - the manuals are only sedans...that's the biggest drawback of that generation for me if you want a manual wagon then the bill gets big and at that point I'd do a q5 - same work involved if you're ok with a manual sedan then keep your...
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    1st gen Tacoma ALH

    Dana, congrats! That's great news - all the best to Morgan and the baby! haha you can just forget shop time for a few years I guess...most I haven done to my projects in the last 10 months is unbolt an IC and bolt a new turbo on...I've been thinking about starting the car for about 3 months now :)
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    MK6 seat swap (cloth to leather)

    done it like 3 times now...the junk yard is a nice source of leather seats and nice steering wheels :) used B6 front seats in my old mk5 jetta - those are comfy (rears don't fit though)...on the mk6 is the same thing - pull the old seats out, put the new seats in and enjoy :)
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    FS: Rolling caged 2001 Audi A4 (B5) shell + a truck load of parts

    price is down to $2000USD or $2500 with complete TDi PD engine...the car needs to go
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    FS: BMW 724TD project

    sold - the car is off to its new home...
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    1.9 ALH with He221wg 5cm?

    I prefer the 4cm He200w unit if the goal is customers love the unit for anything under 2.5L and it's so clean and simple to install....
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    Rear sway bar size choice: MK4

    I might have the sizing wrong - I think they only have the one size so 28mm maybe makes more sense...tightest setting on the bar - dial back if you find you're having too much fun :) do watch out until you get used to it though...the car caught me out on an on-ramp the first few weeks after...
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    Rear sway bar size choice: MK4

    I had the 25mm Neuspeed bar at the back of my Golf and it was probably my favorite upgrade on that car...the Koni coilovers were a massive waste of money but that sway bar made driving the car a ton of fun...up here in the winter I could get that car sideways in the snow without issues in a...
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    FS: 2003 Golf Estate 4Motion - 6MT, PD TDi

    sorry - yes it's sold...I should have updated the thread
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    2004 Passat B5.5 4 Motion TDI: W.MA-NY, $2999

    man how are you not able to finish this - sounds like 2 days of wrench work and a few files to dial in the electronics...I'd pick this up if it wasn't so far from me...good luck with the sale!
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    FS in OH: 1993 Audi 80 1.9 TDI

    very clean looking car but damn - it's hard to justify 5k for something this "basic" with quite a high mileage actually... FYI - can be easily converted to quattro if required - easy to swap over