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    2005 oil pressure wanrning

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    2005 oil pressure wanrning

    My car is flashing a STOP oil pressure warning light. Fearing the worst here, but I have ran it an hour in the driveway, and 10 miles driving...the warning pops up, then goes off, then pops up again...and so on....but the car runs and drives perfect. 125K miles, automatic. Could it be a bad...
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    Why did you buy a TDI?

    I drive TDI's because I love them.LOL I was reading a comparo on fuel sippers, and they had a golf TDI in there. along with the prius, civic hybred, and some others. the prius won overall- but the TDI KILLED on the highway.(this was prolly 6-7 yrs ago) After Katrina- gas prices went...
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    Leedogg is back- with a passat this time- transaxle leak question.

    I searched for bentley manuals...seems they are for gassers only for certian ons and the ones I saw that included TDI's were alot higher...anyone have a direct link?
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    Leedogg is back- with a passat this time- transaxle leak question.

    I thought my 'new to me' 2005 TDI passat(109.200mi) had an oil leak. But upon further inspection- I realized that it is the seal on the left cv axle. I have yet to locate a tranmission dipstick on this thing. wondering if it might be getting low. I doesn't appear to leak when driving- judging by...
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    Leedogg is back- with a passat this time- transaxle leak question.

    please delete posted in wrong section
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    5x112 18x8.5 ruff racing wheels/tires

    Hey guys- been a while- I had to trade the TDI for a Yukon XL(family grew!). Well they dealer had someone buy the car that didn't want the wheels- so now I have a set of sweet black split 5's that I need to sell. Thought I'd post it on a few of the boards before doing EBAY. Ruff Racing 278's...
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    Sad Stereo in '06

    I dropped a pair of 12's and a amp in mine- turned the bass knob down- and fell in love with my TDI's sound system! I also turned the fader forward helped alot! I was not happy with mine either before the subs.
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    TDI'ers! Farewell guys

    Ha- I am going from 1 to 5! I thought I had a handle on things...that went out the window. Yeah a duramax would kick butt- but 20K for a used one is more than I wanted to spend. I was s'posed to be getting a hook up on a cheap Astrovan from her dad's work- but it hasn't come available yet- so...
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    TDI'ers! Farewell guys

    Thanks fella's! I'll still be around and offer my advice from time to time. really hurt to let it go.
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    TDI'ers! Farewell guys

    Had to let my Jetta go today.:( The G/F is ready to drop our twins anyday now- and I needed a family hauler for her to drive. So out with the 06 Jetta and in with a loaded 04 Yukon XL. Beyween the 2 of us now- we are gonna have 5 boys that are under 9 yrs old...can't carry that in a 4-door...
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    Chrysler mulls Canada-only diesel minivan amid 'biggest product offence ever'

    Talk about bringing a thread back from way back!:lol
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    The Low-Down on (Gas) Prices

    As an offshore oilfield worker- I have to laugh at some of the 'experts'. They said we had 60 yrs maybe left in the Gulf of Mexico max...this was 15yrs ago- and now they are still saying 60 yrs or so. looks even better since the Huge Deep waters finds lately. I do agree that something has to...
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    Airbag light is on.

    it is under warranty- make them fix it. I wouldn't like to know that my airbag system is getting a ground fault...
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    useless sunglass holder!!!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D funny stuff right dere!
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    Very Impressed!!!!

    Just cracked 18,500 miles on mine- Still mechanically perfect. Gotta get the oil changed when I get in from out here(offshore worker). Still knock down 35-36 mpg with big wheels/tires, about 100 lbs of stereo, and my 300 lb butt. Doe's everything I need it to- and seems to like 110 mph...
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    Alabama people in here!

    another south AL/GulfCoast guy here. About an hour from everywhere(P'cola, Mobile, Montgomery).:lol
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    Is there a way to disable the horn honk when locking my 06 Jetta?

    I just can't see spending the money for VAG-COM just to change a few annoyances...but for those of us that get home rather late at night alot- the horn is aggrevating.
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    the last mod for the Jetta...

    very nice man! anything other than tuning? I am not a fan of big spoilers either- but it needed something to tie in the look I wanted.:)
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    the last mod for the Jetta...

    ...unless I do a power tuner later.:D I picked up this pre painted spoiler lip on EBAY for 64 bucks shipped. slapped it on friday- snapped a few pics. I has about an eighth of an inch overhang on each side- but for 64 bucks I wasn't expecting much. I still like it- I am done.