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  1. pedroYUL

    Jetta 1.4t CZTA timing belt

    Someone from idparts helped me out with the mount and bracket bolts part#: 2xN10706901 2xN10552404 1xN10706901 2xN10655802 Shout out to idparts!
  2. pedroYUL

    Golf Wagon/Estate Coming soon hopefully

    That is sad. Try to find another one, maybe not super low km, these engines have no issues making it to real high numbers with good maintenance. I would try to find a PD (100, 130, 150) it will open your options.
  3. pedroYUL

    Jetta 1.4t CZTA timing belt

    Anybody knows the part numbers for the 3 bracket bolts and 4 motor mount bolts, manual trans please? Nobody mentions removing the motor mount, but it's a must.
  4. pedroYUL

    Jetta 1.4t CZTA timing belt

    The little plastic form that came with my tools, to supposedly lock the cams on the front of the engine didn't fit the CZTA engine, perhaps it was designed for other ones (1.0, 1.2). If I did have one of those, then the job would've been easier.
  5. pedroYUL

    New camshaft, no codes but torsion value way out of range

    Did you break in the new cam, properly?
  6. pedroYUL

    Jetta 1.4t CZTA timing belt

    @Fix_Until_Broke : some tips and pics added Another procedure with some pics:
  7. pedroYUL

    Alarm if Headlights Left On

    Doesn't have to be an enemy, same fun with a family member, coworker, acquaintance...
  8. pedroYUL

    Jetta 1.4t CZTA timing belt

    This TB job is more work than any TDI that I've done to date: BEW, BRM, CRUA, CVCA. Don't assume that because you've done 4 TBs for your ALH, this one will be a walk. Instructions are here: (I hate...
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