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  1. paramedick

    Recommended TDI mechanic in Louisville KY area

    Excellent mechanic in. Louisville. Luke Shell these guys aren’t horrible.
  2. paramedick

    FS: 2003 Jetta GLS TDI. $4900 obo
  3. paramedick

    FS: 2000 NB TDI $1200 OBO. SOLD!

    SOLD! Alas, it went for parts to the gentleman who bought the Black Jetta. He has several other TDIs to keep alive. 😉
  4. paramedick

    Timing Belt Decision in North Carolina

    I send all of those down to jimbote!
  5. paramedick

    FS: 2002 Jetta TDI $2200 SOLD!

    Appreciate your help!
  6. paramedick

    FS: 2002 Jetta TDI $2200 SOLD!

    Sold. Thanks all who stopped by!
  7. paramedick

    WTB Malone tune

    There’s one near Atlanta.
  8. paramedick

    FS: 2000 NB TDI $1200 OBO. SOLD!

    This is a lime green New Beetle. Has substantial damage to front end after crash. Most Front body parts damaged along with windshield and left door glass. Known damage to radiator and power steering system. Air bags deployed. Car runs and can be shifted and steered. 243,725 miles Good...
  9. paramedick

    FS: 2002 Jetta TDI $2200 SOLD!

    Purchased with broken timing belt for family member who never paid for car. Repaired with known good head. New timing belt system. .205 injector nozzles. Known recent repairs include new bilstein shocks/struts/springs. New steering rack. New ball joints and tie rods. New subframe...
  10. paramedick

    Timing Belt Decision in North Carolina

    Drive up to central KY. We’ll take care of you. $450 labor plus the current IDParts price for kit and coolant. Today, it’s $295
  11. paramedick

    N1DAS - the end of weapons grade torque

    I do remember him, and how,proud he was of his BMW.
  12. paramedick

    FS: 2002 TDI Golf 0M1 - Piedmont NC USA

    Ads here require a price. No “gauging interest” faux auctions.
  13. paramedick

    How to retire my 2003 Jetta TDI

    Would you like me to come get it? We just finished our latest garage project……
  14. paramedick

    WTB: 2001 Golf ALH ECU - Pref Immo Delete

    What part number do you need? I have a immo/egr delete ECU here. Unsure which ALH it is for.
  15. paramedick

    Any 97 Jetta , ED , chips they ain't using?

    Be aware that JB chips also work, and we’re the replacement for the failed ED chips. good luck.
  16. paramedick

    What did you do to your Audi TDI today?

    New front Freemax rotors and Brembo semi-metallic pads. Done with the ceramic pads. Don’t stop worth a damn with my camping trailer attached. pity I couldn’t find a good slotted rotor.
  17. paramedick

    2004 BEW TDI Smyth Golf Ute (DFW, TX)

    Has any upgrades/replacements been done with camshaft/lifters?
  18. paramedick

    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Looking forward to it.
  19. paramedick

    LM Diesel Purge writeup/video for Q5 TDI?

    Yup. I think filling the fuel canister with this expensive cleaner is a waste on CR cars. Use a good additive that cleans system and increases cetane is good enough. I like Power Service products, but others there are equally as good.