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  1. BobnOH

    Engine oil in my brake booster? Check valve or vac pump?

    There should not be oil in the vacuum lines. Vacuum pump is most likely culprit.
  2. BobnOH

    Test injection pump outside of car?

    Seal all the open connections except one. Apply air pressure or vacuum. See if it holds. no idea how much air or vacuum to apply.
  3. BobnOH

    Test injection pump outside of car?

    Well you can certainly check the seals with pump off the car.
  4. BobnOH

    Pd105 Low oil pressure

    Once you rule out the basic oil pressure reporting devices, you may want to check the rod and crank bearings.
  5. BobnOH

    How to diagnose actuator vs turbo on my ALH 1.9?

    You definitely want to rule out a bad actuator, but a bad actuator doesn't normally result in smoke.
  6. BobnOH

    Still stumped on fuel issue

    Bad idea, just bump the old one to the top (ttt)
  7. BobnOH

    Safe to drive without super slider?

    So it's part of the shift mechanism under hood. Should be safe
  8. BobnOH

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Exact same thing happened to my first TDI years ago. Replaced all the rod and crank bearings, all was fine.
  9. BobnOH

    2014 passat tdi Ckra coolant loss

    Yes, keep looking. Eyeball the faces of the radiator. If needed clean the engine to make it easier to find, that's a lot of coolant.
  10. BobnOH

    Replacing Injection pump seals on 2003 Jetta TDI wagon

    Any OBDII device capable of reading Group 000 measuring block, Field 4 could work
  11. BobnOH

    Stubble and at loss,

    Common mistake. Look harder at the diagnostic code for the MAF. Something, could be simple, like vacuum tubes, is creating the error. Another common thing is the injector wire harness. Also loose pipes, the big ones.
  12. BobnOH

    2001 beetle

    It is possible the wires are tofued. Check the bundle what goes under the battery, several of those devices are wired thru that bundle. Look elsewhere for damage. If wires/connectors are good, you may need the pump rebuild$$$
  13. BobnOH

    Boost Leak Riddle...

    Had this happen as well. Daughter raked a pavement edge, ripped a hole in the pan, got on the freeway. It was winter. Turbo survived, but crank and rod bearings spun, oil pressure no good, light on. But we never got any unusual noise. If it ran without oil for any length of time, you may want to...
  14. BobnOH

    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Cluttering up a great thread with this conspiracy garbage. SilverGhost simply conveyed some valuable information.............
  15. BobnOH

    Boost Leak Riddle...

    So perhaps it's something else, vacuum tubes, wiring or who knows? Revving in the drive there is no load on the motor, nothing much happening with the turbo and such. No stored codes? Not everything is monitored by the ECU.
  16. BobnOH

    Brake Issues

    Who made that thing? Knowing the vendor and the manufacturer is very useful. thanks for posting back!
  17. BobnOH

    2001 beetle

    Yes, that may be the only way to tell for sure.
  18. BobnOH

    2001 beetle

    The answer is no, and even with the VCDS, you can't be sure. Sometimes the tuner will add a note, sometimes not.
  19. BobnOH

    Little Yellow Projects

    Secure that pipe, it could be the source of your power issue. If the hood fabric is catching the dipstick, remove it. Do the vacuum tubes one at a time, can't go wrong. carries some colors.