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    Anyone have premature front coil spring failure?

    Had both front springs break on my 02 Golf, and had one of the front spring mounts on the Koni strut rust thru and break. Koni says rust damage not covered by their warranty. Replaced the Koni's with Bilsten's, ran them with no issues until car failed safety inspection for rust at 300K miles.
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    Are mk6 tdis really that bad and unreliable after vw fix?

    If you are good with cutting fitting welding, you could do it yourself. But you would also need to add a flex pipe to adsorb/isolate the engine vibrations from the exhaust pipe. I can't weld very well and I don't have time to mess with all the cutting and fitting that would be needed. It is...
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    '11 JSW 6MT 120K miles. Time for a tune/delete?

    I was curious as well. A quick search finds this:
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    2014 JSW - DPF / EGR Delete w/ Malone Stage 2 Tune

    I'm getting ready to go down this road. Looking forward to hearing how this works for you.
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    HID recommendations?

    Thanks for this find, I will look into them.
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    No power after idling for 15 minutes

    Need more info to answer your question. Did you just floor it with your foot on the brake? Are you driving down the road? What rpm's are you running?
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    2013 mk6 JSW - RCV part no. request

    You need to look on your car and see who made the compressor on your car and which RCV is on that compressor. There are 4 different possibilities of RCV's and you need to look and see what is on your car.
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    Can I replace the starter without going under the car?

    On my 2002 TDI, I pulled the battery and battery box, with those out I was able to change out the starter all from the top. But I did drop stuff and it was caught in the belly pan. I got very lucky and was able to retrieve them without pulling the pan. The issue with my starter was the braided...
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    Refrigerant control valve replacement - replace drier too?

    I am about to do the RCV on mine. From all I have read, if you can pull a good vacuum and hold it for a few hours, no need to change the dryer. The faster you can change the part the better, low humidity day is better.
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    Need help with Error codes

    OH- Do you remove the sensors before removing the DPF, or do you just unplug them and pull out everything at once?
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    Best tire pressure

    I run 42 psi all around and watch tire wear. My last two sets wore evenly at that pressure, I got good fuel economy and handling at the expense of a slightly more firm ride.
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    The 3 year old on a tricycle!
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    aftermarket CV axle wobble

    I had a half shaft go bad on my 02 Golf. I replaced it with an aftermarket shaft, 6 months later that shaft had issues. Replaced it with another aftermarket shaft, from a different vendor, 9 months later that shaft had issues. Replaced it with an OEM shaft, 5+ years later, no issues. Based on my...
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    2014 Heatercore

    Probably the same place as my $600 and 3 hr estimate to fix my ABS sensor error. It took me 30 mins and $34 to fix. There is a reason I don't go to the stealership.
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    RCV (compressor control valve) quality survey: so many choices; differences?

    Part number depends on which compressor you have in your car and which style RCV is in your compressor. There isn't one part number for all.
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    Rocky Start ... or none at all!

    It was easier to just buy the battery than deal with a 4 hr round trip to the dealer, plus the time dealing with the dealer. That dealer also wanted to charge me $600 to fix an issue that I fixed for $25. Never returning there again.
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    Sagging hood heat/sound insulation. Fix?

    I have ordered a bunch of stuff from them, including radiators, and shipping to Maine was never that steep. I think the radiators were in the $25 range. That is out of line.
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    Sagging hood heat/sound insulation. Fix?

    Also available here,
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    Rocky Start ... or none at all!

    When I bought my 2014 Sportwagon, the battery was dead about 8 days after I got it home. First thing I would do if I were you, get a meter and measure the battery voltage. If it is less than 11, put in a new battery. I don't know where in MA you are, but I would stay away from Patrick VW.
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    Sagging hood heat/sound insulation. Fix?

    I have the same issue, although it has been 'helped' along by some mice. Mine also looks like it has shrunk some so I am thinking replacement is necessary. At least in my case.