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    IBW is 20!

    Congrats on 20! I used to own its 2003 GLS twin. Rust was coming for the fenders and rocker panels and my commute dropped so I decided to let it go in favor of a 2012 GTI. Drove that for a year and now have a 2014 JSW TDI. Its been great for me. Nice balance of modern features, reliability...

    So Who Has The Most Miles?

    I think we have 185k or so on an unmodified 2014 with emissions updates done. Purchased in 2017 with 110k miles. Great vehicle. Nothing but brakes (on second set of pads and rotors), oil changes, filters and tires. Only one other issue with the infotainment system that I was able to correct...


    Great car, but not a unicorn. They sold a ton of these with a stick shift. Not at all rare. Also - timing belts are not covered by warranty. That is a wear item like tires and brakes. Had a 2011 - great car. Have a 2014. Great car, though tempted to sell in this crazy market if my commute goes...

    2014 JSW TDi - Headlight Upgrade (Osram LEDriving XENARC for VW Golf VI)

    No before/after pictures!? I have been tempted by these before but held off because I was worried about quality. Plus they aren't cheap. I had heard they aren't tight and that the lightbeam "jiggles" over bumps. Any issues with that? I have a set of OEM HID's that I've had for two years, but...

    Sold xxxxxxxxx2014 Jetta Sportwagon TDI 6spd Manual Certified w/ Warranty 17.5k obo

    I almost responded, but it would only have been to say that I bought the same car 3 full years ago with 40k on it with the full 24month unlimited mileage CPO warranty for significantly less than $16.5k. I would have priced it at $12k or something. Lately I've kind of been feeling like I'd like...

    2011 JSW worth to buy for a teen

    My first car was a non-turbobrick240. Probably not a better new car for a teen, but too old now. It was too slow to get out of its own way and an absolute tank. I think a cheaper JSW would be a fine first car for a teen. But that one is too expensive. Get them a cheaper car.

    2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen 6MT Navy Blue Rhode Island

    Its a rare-ish car with the lighting package and very tempting. I just don't know if its worth upgrading from my MK6 since I just invested in a Stage 2 tune and really my only complaint is the wind noise. I will probably just keep enjoying my cheap miles, but this is a tempting car. If it was...

    2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen 6MT Navy Blue Rhode Island

    Very nice. My commute is about to go from 15 miles a day to around 40 mpg. I like my 2014. Drives nice and I should probably hold onto it because its so cheap to run. But the one big thing making me think about dumping it is the wind noise. Its terrible on the MK6 wagons. I'm curious if the wind...

    TDI nightmare

    I'm hoping the silence from the OP means he's talking to lawyers who are advising him not to post updates on public forums. Hopefully he can chime in with the resolution eventually. The one thing that is sure in my mind is that a 2016 Touareg TDI deserves to be repowered. Even with 100k on the...

    The Light truck market

    Why not an X5d that is actually set up to tow? Or better yet Touareg or Q7.

    TDI nightmare

    I'm not sure this is accurate, but I believe this link below is for the 3.0 TDI settlement. It lists this firm as class counsel on page 170. I'd consider contacting them to see if they can offer any assistance. Elizabeth Cabraser Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP275 Battery Street, 29th...

    TDI nightmare

    They said it was due to your action but can they prove it. I would be walking back whatever you told them. What proof do they have that you damaged the car? The dealer and VWOA will do whatever they can to avoid $15k worth of repairs to your car. I'm not clear from this thread that the failure...

    TDI nightmare

    You should not have disclosed the bit about stepping on the accelerator pedal. As others have said that likely didn't cause the failure, but it gave them an excuse of "operator error" to lean on to deny any coverage. Without that, they obviously owe you an engine under the emissions warranty...

    Unfixable 2010 TDI Touareg

    Great call on contacting the class action lawyer in terms of settlement. I bet that they will get this sorted for you.

    FS 2013 Audi Q7 TDI

    I'm probably not ready to pull the trigger, but we've been thinking of going from our high mileage Touareg to a Q7 with some of that good emissions warranty left. Guessing that this car could be down to only about 2 years of warranty depending on that in service date. People are going to want to...

    SOLD 2014 Jetta Sportwagen TDI 6MT 82k miles

    Enjoy the Touareg! We have both. I like those wheels. Are they Goals or something different? Also do you mind sharing the sale price? Just curious where the market is on these.

    Unfixable 2010 TDI Touareg

    If I were you I would look up the buyback value on your Touareg that was provided during the dieselgate scandal and attempt to get that $ amount from VW. I don't have a copy handy, but you should be able to find one on the web. My guess is that its a $30-35k value or something around that...

    Have you ever cracked your MK6 TDI oil pan (and are skid plates worth it on these cars)?

    Come on folks, I'm waiting for that busted oil pan story to motivate me to go install my shield (though January + New Hampshire + unheated workspace makes me think this will be a spring project at best). How long does the installation run on the MK6's these days? I remember it was somewhat...

    VW, You've Got to Be Joking...

    Yes, I guess I know what I'll need to do in the spring. I just had my truck undercoated with NHOil. It didn't seem worthwhile to do on my JSW with how buttoned up the undercarriage is. I have a few cans of Fluid film so I'll probably use that on the inside of the wheel wells.

    Power gate 3+ for Malone tune?

    Probably a question you should ask Malone.