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    ALH nozzle noob :p

    No, I'm not saying it's a problem either, just that it's short. One of the other vendors here I talked to was exactly the opposite, but at the end of the day, I think knowing what you're doing and doing it well is the most important thing. That's why I went with him. And there could be other...
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    ALH nozzle noob :p

    I think I'm basically in the same boat as you. Just finally finished all the "must do" maintenance (intake, egr, etc) and I'm ready for nozzle's. I spent hours reading everything I could, and I settled on DLC 520s from DBW LLC (who oddly enough posted on this thread already). Everything I've...
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    Green vs. G12/13 Coolant

    I had this debate with the maintenance guys at work. My forklift is powered by the 2.0L TDI, and they wouldn't get the right coolant. From what I was able to find, running straight green isn't terrible, but mixing the two is what's really bad. Some chemical reaction takes place, causing the...
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    MK4 Saggy door hinge

    So it took me a while to figure this out, so I thought I'd snap a couple pics in case anyone else has this issue (I hear it's fairly common) Both my front doors were sagging (when opened) to the point the bottom corner of the door would chip against the bottom corner of the fender. The only...
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    Opinions Please

    Right on, thanks a lot for the advice. I will put in an order as soon as I've got my intake / egr cleaned up. On that note, does anyone know off hand what gaskets I will run into replacing while doing that? I watched a couple youtube videos, but the only one I see mentioned is an o-ring on the...
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    Opinions Please

    Well I will end up doing both nozzles and tune, really this was more on should I do the nozzles now if I decide I don't want to do both right now. I have heard that tuners factor in what nozzles you have when doing the tune, is this true? Like if I picked Malone 1.5, some part of the fuel...
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    DIY Intercooler Water Spray Testing

    I'm not an expert by any means, but I don't think that's true. The thermal conductivity of water is 24 times higher than that of air, according to this I know evaporation uses lots more, but none the less, having water mist even just...
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    Opinions Please

    Hey guys, I am planning to do the first course of standard upgrades (nozzles & tune) to my ve alh this year. I spoke to dbw today on the phone, and he recommended DLC 520s to go with malone 1.5. This is my ultimate end game, unless my turbo craps out. Ultimately, I figure I bought my tdi for...
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    ALH tune & nozzle location

    I am finally getting around to what I intended to do years ago.. nozzles and tune. And of course, the one place I heard was great to have it done (DCB), has moved to Orillia apparently. I live in Guelph, so that's quite the drive to drop the car off, come home, and then the next day, go back...
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    Best Aftermarket Skid Plate

    Derek - does the Defender have a cover for the oil plug knockout? The pics I saw look like if you remove it, it's just left open.. Vot (and anyone else) any issues on fitment with the frost heater? I saw a thread about issues w them on mk5s, but looking at mine it seems to be high enough that...
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    Best Aftermarket Skid Plate

    Hey, thanks a lot for the links. I have looked at a couple of those before, and the evolution is the one I'm leaning towards, I was just curious if users here had a preference one way or another. I couldn't find a thread comparing them all. -Steve
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    Best Aftermarket Skid Plate

    Okay, I am getting quite tired of the dumb little clips that hold my factory mk4 skid plate on popping out every time I hit a chunk of snow or ice on the road. I think the plate has spent more time dragging on the ground this winter than it has up where it's supposed to be. On that note, what...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Yup, that's fine. The mk4 jettas have an amber light (turning signal bulb) in the headlight cluster that stays on as a marker light (this may only be with the euro switch.. i dunno) I would be surprised if you ever got pulled over for wrong colour light coming from wherever.. I'm pretty sure...
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    1st tdi need guru

    Well I am certainly no guru, but I'll take a crack at it For the hood I'd loosen the bolts that connect hinge to hood just a little bit, leaving them still quite snug. Then close hood, and pry into position with something softish that won't chip the paint. Open and re-tighten. Bumper isn't...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Ah, that's right too. Well it's a moot point anyway, because the red lights seem to dim to be seen in daylight, and if it were night time, you'd have your actual headlights on. So there'll be a 10 minunte window each day at dusk that I could turn them on and be visible before I need my...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Thanks. You know what, I honestly don't know what brand they are.. they were fairly cheap, only $140 w bulbs & ballasts. I just kind of assumed a projector is a projector, and if the bulbs that came with them were crappy and burned out, I'd buy better ones. But they're a 3" bi-xenon.. And they...
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    Installing Bi-Xenon HIDs on mk4 jetta

    I built a set of projector headlights using a pair of stock ones from a wreckers.. I screwed the ballasts to the removable cap covering the turn signal bulbs since it fit nicely. But please don't be one of those douchebags who throws xenon bulbs into a halogen reflector.
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Finished the build of my new projector headlights.. appox $150 invested including xenon bulbs and ballasts.. Actually the headlights aren't quite done.. I need to pick up a pair of diodes ($0.50) to protect the car from the electromagnet's flyback voltage. I think they look fairly decent for...