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  1. msantram

    WTB: Mk6 JSW PanzerPlate, seat drawers, roof rack, etc.

    Any interest in a set of SonniBoy pop in shades? I have a few other items too. DM me for more info, pics.
  2. msantram

    ++ 2011 JSW 6MT Build ++

    I pulled my underseat drawers from my '11 SW and moved them into my '13 GTI. Well worth all the effort to install, un-install, and re-install. Not moving these again. D-Cup: do these mods, they really are worth it as they improve usability to justify the expense/work to install. GLTA.
  3. msantram

    Ebay Splash Guards (Mud Flaps) 2012 Golf

    @treefort - I have a set of two REAR OEM mudflaps for sale. DM me if you are interested.
  4. msantram

    "R" style lights compatible?

    I added the GTI Bi-Xenons with the LEDs into my '11 Wagen. It is a lot of work, but worth it. To do the whole setup, you need a new CECM, Headlights, Bulbs, Ballasts, AFS Leveling modules, screws, mounts, Kufatec harness adaptors, and VCDS coding. Read up, there are guides out there, but it...
  5. msantram

    Need advice on which TDI to buy

    congrats @treefort - that was the best choice. I tinted the windows in my wagen and also installed the Windsea ClimAir SonniBoy shades. Both are great separate, but together they *really* keep the back of your wagen darker and cooler, IMHO. I sold a bunch of gear last night, but still have the...
  6. msantram

    Buyback Lessons Learned

    Keep the spare & tools. My TDI went back with four full size spare steelies. I removed the labels and the car looked great. Should have done it sooner! They only check for the radio and if the car runs. I had to move the car forward and backwards 10 feet in either direction.
  7. msantram

    My HID assembly to GTI w/o HIDs?

    Also - I have put on about 3k miles on the '13 GTI. @KiteWagon is right that the mileage is pretty crappy coming from a TDI. I used to get 500+ in the Wagen. Now I get about 330 in the GTI on premium. I was worried about the 2.0 Engine from many posts like @Oilhammer's, which is why I hunted...
  8. msantram

    My HID assembly to GTI w/o HIDs?

    I had installed GTI Bi-Xenons into my '11 Wagen. I did the full swap and even went down the road of getting AFS to work. Had to replace the CECM, kufatec harnesses, loads of coding changes, and patience. It was $$$ but a fun project to solve. I loved the lights so much that I bought a '13 GTI to...
  9. msantram

    Would you buy your Diesel wagon again?

    Been a month since I returned the SW and I do miss it. I replaced the '11 SW with a '13 GTI. I love the GTI much more than I thought. It is significantly easier to park, amazing what a difference a foot makes. But that said, I do miss the extra space in the boot in the SW. Would buy one again...
  10. msantram

    FS: OEM VW MK6 Bi-Xenon Headlights w/LEDs

    OEM VW MK6 Bi-Xenons w/LEDs for sale. $500 + Shipping OBO. I retrofitted this complete set into my MK6 SportWagen with AFS. My front end was clipped and the housing for the Driver's Side headlight was damaged. The outside cover can be replaced, but the interior may need some creative TLC. The...
  11. msantram

    Trading in your VW TDI? What will be your next car

    Picked up a CPO '13 GTI Driver's Edition w/35k miles on the clock at the end of December. Flew to Ohio to get it, and have been loving every minute in it. A bit smaller than the SportWagen, but much easier to park in the city. Easy to hit 80 without much thought or effort, and there is no tune...
  12. msantram

    Buyback Lessons Learned

    ETF Notice Received at 11.30 PM last night. ETF completed at 5.15 AM. Current mood?