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    2015 EA288 timing belt cost?

    Slightly different engine, but when my '13 Passat threw the serpentine belt it was alternator caused it, the internal one-way clutch failed.
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    Overfilled Oil?/Thrown rod

    From looking at the notes on the work order, I expect that the replacement turbo had a bad seal, dumped oil into the intake, and hydrolocked the engine. It's hard to know for sure, but I've got a (used) replacement engine and transmission, both with half the milage than the blown engine. They...
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    Overfilled Oil?/Thrown rod

    It's about 10k miles out from the Dieselgate extended warranty, otherwise VW would be covering both the initial turbo failure and the engine. I talked with the tech today, and got some photos of the engine. he said it acted like hydrolock but when he looked in the cylinder he didn't see any...
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    The Vanity Plate Thread

    Seen in the wild.
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    Seen while at a stoplight
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    '13 Passat throne rod damage
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    '13 Passat throne rod damage
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    '13 Passat throne rod damage
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    '13 Passat throne rod damage
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    '13 Passat throne rod damage
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    '13 Passat throne rod damage
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    Overfilled Oil?/Thrown rod

    The claim is punching through the block let coolant into the mix. It's hard to tell what really happened, though I may visit them tomorrow and have a chat with the tech. My biggest concern is the unknown history on the used block; I've already discussed doing TB/Water pump service on it before...
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    Overfilled Oil?/Thrown rod

    So it seems the high level on the dipstick was the result of a rod "exploding", also causing damage to the transmission. I'll be talking with the service manager, but it looks like they'll be putting in a used engine and transmission. Any thoughts on potential issues? I've asked for any...
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    Overfilled Oil?/Thrown rod

    I got a photo of the dipstick, and showed it to the service advisor this morning. She still hasn't heard any details from the mechanic, other than "the engine stopped". Hopefully more info soon, but since I've got a loaner they seem to feel there's no rush.
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    Overfilled Oil?/Thrown rod

    Oh yes, the TSB for turbo failure requires flushing the oil system and replacing the oil pump. So any excess oil is totally on the dealer.
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    Overfilled Oil?/Thrown rod

    So the dealer just finished replacing my turbo and DPF, and took it for a test drive. I was told that they had to tow it back from that and need to evaluate what's still wrong. I stopped by today, and found my car parked in their lot, so I figured I'd check the oil since I know that multiple...
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    DPF Availability

    Dealer called this morning, cat/DPF just came in after ~4 months. Hopefully all will be fixed next week.