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    B4,A3 water pump, engine cover, short shifter

    SOLD. B4,A3 water pump, engine cover, short shifter Cleaning out some leftover parts. New Graf water pump $30 shipped in conus. Engine cover $25 plus shipping. Short shifter for B4, homemade following instructions from vwvortex. Plastic shift piece on trans is all metal. $50 shipped conus...
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    1997 Passat sedan

    They were from a convertible and were a pain to make fit. A lot of heating with a torch and bending of the mounts. Wouldn't do it again.
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    1997 Passat sedan

    Just like my thoughts.
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    1997 Passat sedan

    SOLD. 1997 Passat sedan $1,900 $1,900 or reasonable offer. Located in southeast Wisconsin. We're moving and not taking the Passat with. 250k miles and well maintained. I've had it for around 8 yrs. Black with tan interior except the front seats are black leather from an Audi. They are...
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    2005 Jetta TDI Wagon - 5 speed manual, Rusty, and Broken Air - Chicago

    Sent a pm. Give me a call. Ed 262-496-6927. I'm just in WI.
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    B4 15" steel wheels, snows and caps. $50 obo

    These are 4 lug rims. Wheels have surface rust and tires are worn. Comes with hubcaps. Send email for pics. I'm in Kenosha WI 53140.
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    WTB-steering rack for B4

    Found part I've a 97 Passat and thought I'd try here before getting a reman. Either TDI or vr6 would work. PM or phone Ed @ 262-496-6027.
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    B4 engine cover

    Fits my 97 B4. Has one grommet. $30.00 plus shipping.
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    Short shifter Passat B4

    Still have it. Shoot me an offer. Cables gone.
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    WTB Diesel Geek A3 B4 shifter

    I have a copy I made years ago. Put about 40k on it with no issues. I recently installed a mk4 shifter in mine. Link to ad.
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    Short shifter Passat B4

    Shift tower sold.