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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    Contact Cleaner? When you guys say Contact Cleaner, are you talking about the contact cleaner I used on points so long ago? Or are you talking about Electrical Parts Cleaner? I have both, and I seem to remember contact cleaner kind of melting plastic. Just a question as I am about to fix a...
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    At the dealer: my car slipped off the lift!

    Well I want to know how they did it now. I am with you GetMore. I have always disconnected anything I ever welded from any electrical source. I don't remember if it was in books or the teacher said it, I just always knew battery off first. I have this thought that if you tell somebody they need...
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    At the dealer: my car slipped off the lift!

    Well at least they put a bag on the seat so it woulden't get all dirty and messed up.
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    At the dealer: my car slipped off the lift!

    "Static discharge", sounds like "Transmission Shock" to me, maby that guy could check your "blinker fluid" as well, sometimes it burns out bulbs when it gets low. I am happy as hell for you that it works again. Watch out on dry days when its windy, you could get "static discharge" again from...
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    At the dealer: my car slipped off the lift!

    Hey, I know that the radio has a small fuse on the back of it, use some radio removal tools, and if the dealership charges you to remove the radio, kick them in the nuts, square in the nuts. Just pull it out of the dash, and look in the back, where the wires all plug in. Mine is a 15a standard...
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    What is "sport mode" on an auto?

    You get out your trusty VagCom cable. Log into the transmission module. Check out codeing. I believe on your car that the code for sport mode is 0012, I might be off on the number of 000, but the last 2 numbers should be 12 for sport mode.
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    Dealer hate

    I don't hate my local VW dealer. Without them I would never have been forced to seek out solutions on this website. If they had the ability to fix my car, I would have kept paying them to do so. It cost me exactly $1002.58 to have my IP ruined and my trust completely lost by a mark and prey TB...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Uploaded my new Kerma Tune. The Car goes much faster now! Thanks Charlie, now for the stickers tomorrow...
  9. G's an interesting one.

    I got mine at VW. The reciept is long gone, but you could try IDPARTS.COM, and if they don't have it, call or go to and look em up. You might want to call though. I think they had to order them for me at the stealership. Did you have any work done on the car in which they might...
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    I have yet to see a thread address this

    I just finished a quick 600 mi drive on I40 and another 600 on I10, I40 was west bound into the wind at 75 mph, got around 36mpg. I drove south on I 25 at 70 and I saw almost 40mpg. I10 was east bound with tail wind at 70mph, and I got 41.8 mpg. The speed limit on I-10 from El Paso to San...
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    January 2010 Mileage thread

    Just got back from a road trip from Austin to Albuquerque and back with my new turbo, no limp mode for the entire trip.:D And the last couple of tanks I was not driving into 50+ mph winds anymore.
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    January 2010 Mileage thread

    Driver: Gregataustin Miles: 392 Gallons: 11.2 Model Year: 2000 Model: Jetta Tranny: 4A Fuel Type: ULSD + PS Driver: Gregataustin Miles: 431 Gallons: 11.75 Model Year: 2000 Model: Jetta Tranny: 4A Fuel Type: ULSD + PS Driver: Gregataustin Miles: 497 Gallons: 12.43 Model Year: 2000 Model...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I too did this, so quiet now.:) I cleaned out the center console rear cup holder/ previous owner ashtray area:mad: , and adjusted the E brake cables. Smells so nice now....:D
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    Parting out: 2000 VW jetta GLX (power leather seats, climatronic, sunshade, etc)

    PM sent Is that an old fiat or some slovik/russian car?
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    Cold Weather Design Flaw, Secret Recall from VW?

    I drilled mine and had problems with it. I guess I used a bit that was too large, and it hit the spring on the check valve. I started having air in the line after this. I just bought the Canadian version and installed it in both my TDI's. The 2000 started in -14F weather in December with no...
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    Calling all Allingment Experts

    Thanks for the link, I will check in to those shims and go see if it can get closer. You should head over to the Ko Olina and make me jealous. You can do anything over there and make me jealous.
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    How can I make my Jetta quieter?

    If you find it hard to hold a conversation with a passanger, check your wheel bearings. I believe they roar instead of howell when failing.
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    Calling all Allingment Experts

    Hi all, I just got my car alligned after replacing front end components. 2000 Jetta TDI. Everything in the front is okay, but I will post the results anyway because I don't like my caster on the front right. Anyway, the rear seems to be at the limits of acceptable. They told me there was no...
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    the weirdest thing you have ever found in an engine bay of any car you have worked on

    I found 3 unspent .38 hollow points under the dash, and 8 more in the defroster in my old used Grand Marque cruiser. I was always nervous about using the fan or heater after that.
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    western, New york to hollywood, california

    I mentioned it in another post in the travel section, but you guys should try and hit Momument Vallley on either leg, there or back. Its well worth it I am cheap so I usually stay at LaQuinta. Same level of crappy everywhere, its cheap, they...