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    2014 Passat TDI - emission system is out of warranty - Looking for VW TDI repair in Montana

    I only have malone ECU low torque flash, stock DSG file. While the DSG is 'shifty' i dont hate it enough to need a tune. When they were made aware of the DMF shudder at around 1300, they were quick to get me a low torque. Also when i got phase 2A, they were also quick to give me an updated...
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    DMF Fitment issue - Please help.

    Maybe the mk7.5 7 spd with auto start stop uses that one? why stock 2 when one will "work"
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    Phase 2 fix

    VWoA rep called Friday afternoon, claimed they couldn't get in touch with the dealer about a loaner before my appointment. She also claimed she couldn't leave a voice mail when trying to reach me the 10 minutes i wasn't in front of my cell phone Thursday. . . Apparently verizon had a major...
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    2014 Passat TDI - emission system is out of warranty - Looking for VW TDI repair in Montana

    Go for malone, it opens more options for "what if's" down the road than Kerma. Plus they are Canadian, so far the EPA hasn't slapped anyones wrists north of the boarder.
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    TDI on GTI springs

    IDparts should have listing/parts numbers for your golf.
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    Phase 2 fix

    Quirk VW in Manchester's policy is they don't deal with outside rental companies, they just deal with a waiting list of company loaners. . . .
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    Low Tire pressure reset

    also why so low on pressure? isn't it supposed to be closer to 38?
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    Phase 2 fix

    Appointment came, on 5/14 VWoA state a loaner would be provided, dealer had no loaner (has a month or two waiting list), VWoA didn't provide a rental. I got an alignment and left with the advice try another dealer that might have a loaner, or wait for the waiting list of a loaner. I have yet...
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    Timing Belt change in New England

    I've heard some good stuff from GTI/Golf TSI owners. Beyond that he said all the right things would be changed under a TB job out when i spoke with him.
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    Timing Belt change in New England

    Traveling long distance and having the shop work on a hot engine may not be 100% ideal. def verify if they'd like it dropped off the night before.
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    23960 - Particulate Trap Bank 1

    report back on how new injectors does for it.
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    Timing Belt change in New England

    Ahh local guy. My CJAA TB was done by Reflex Tuning in Hooksett back in 2016 (was $1100). I inquired about our Passat, they switched to a "wholistic subscription service center for maintaining you car to show room specifications" Where they said they'd need to do $500 full inspection on the car...
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    low engine oil warning/radiator fan not running *help

    So on the cluster when the car starts does it say the hood is open? They may have jumper out the switch on that connector. As for the AC still not working, any thing on the scan of the HVAC? if it has front end damage, she could have respung a leak or something else.
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    Ongoing Water Ingress Issues...

    is the crack in the hose or the crack in the drip tray?
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    Ongoing Water Ingress Issues...

    Is that a german hose clamp? wow i'd never thought i'd see one in a picture. Some bad mojo has happened to that frame, i feel bad.
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    low engine oil warning/radiator fan not running *help

    That electrical tape for that connector means bad things have already been done, and attempt to fix it. What's the history of the car? font end damage? Does the dash show the exterior temp? In pedros picture it shows what is supposed to connected isn't in you car. My random guess is...
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    Is anyone still on their original turbocharger

    Did the OP state gen2 2012-2014 CRKA turbos only? Our 2015 is still on its original turbo 108K on the clock. Malone tuned for 105K miles. Just to toss on some more data points. Our Alltrack is on an original turbo, not its original turbo, a 2015 GTI's original IS20 turbo, and it is on it's 2nd...
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    Fuel Injector common between Gas and Diesel Engines

    one time on the internet i heard a story . . . .
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    Timing Belt - low miles at 11 years.

    I wonder what it'd fetch on BAT.