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    I will paypal $100 to the first person who can tell me how to fix my car.

    Several have mentioned replacing the N75 valve... has this been done? Sorry if I missed it. Mel
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    Should Engine Mount Bolts be replaced in TB change?

    They only need to be replaced if you want your engine to stay HORIZONTAL in the engine bay. d2305 is correct... find a new mechanic! God knows what other shortcuts he'll take. Mel
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    Cleaned Injectors and Won't Start!!!

    You should have replaced the MAF sensor in the first place since that was likely the cause of the initial power issues... you'll probably still need to replace it, but I think you created additional problems by taking the injectors out and messing with them in the first place. No offense but...
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    aftermarket brake pads/rotors

    The Brembo rotors are fine. Don't know much about those ceramic pads though. I've been using the Pagid pads from Impex with the Brembo rotors and it makes for a nice setup... as good or better than OEM. Mel
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    Can't Seem to Push Rear Brake Cylinder In

    I have the kit from Harbor Freight to wind back the rear calipers... the tool worked great, but it did take some force and a lot of turns to get new rotors and pads on... I was exhausted. Mel
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    What Else Should I Do When Changing Rotors?

    All good advice. I just replaced the rotors (all four) on my 2000 Golf after 130k miles. Everything was in good order but those guide pins were dry! You do have a good quality impact driver and bit, right? That little countersunk retainer screw can be stubborn. Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    woohoo! Another successfull o-ring replacement.:D Armed with Jim's and Runonbeer's instructions and pics, and one of Jim's Viton o-rings, I proceeded to Osidak's in North Carolina and he (I helped a little) successfully replaced the o-ring. Great job, Omar! No more leak... everything...
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Duh!... well, color me embarrassed.:o Thanks Jim... great procedure write-up. Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Runonbeer, Do you or Jim have any pics to go with your procedure? Thanks, Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Thanks Jim (and runonbeer), I'm sure this will be very helpful. Mel
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    Help request (No 5th gear)

    I'm not very knowledgeable here Herm, but is it possible it could be a linkage adjustment problem or even something broken in the shift linkage?... I mean external to the tranny? Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Thank you sir! We look forward to it. Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Thanks Jim, Do you think you might have it up by early next week? Getting ready to have surgery performed on mine and having your info would really be helpful. Thanks again, Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    I second that... pretty please??:) Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Thanks Jim and runonbeer, I've purchased from you (Jim) the new viton o-ring and it will be installed the end of this month. TDI is parked for now, I have another car to drive. It would be great if your "how to" were up sometime in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again, Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Thanks gotcha... and good luck! Mel
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    Injector pump not leaking... pouring!

    Lito, Thanks for the heads-up on the pump seal kit above. I've ordered one from Impex. If you're monitoring this thread, do you or corradoTDI (or anyone else) know of a diagram(s) for location of/installation of the seals? Thanks for any info. Mel
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    A4 Antenna grommet

    The rubber gasket or grommet that goes around the outside of the base of the antenna. Mine rotted and fell apart. Can anyone tell me if replacements are available. They appear to only be cosmetic. I'm not planning to take the antenna off, but I wouldn't mind sliding a new one on if I can...
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    Oil Everywhere

    All these warnings... things progressively getting worse as you're driving the car... yet you keep driving it until the sump's empty/low oil light on. Hmmm... Mel
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    Intermittent Temperature gauge

    Thanks, Herm! Mel