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  1. jcrews

    Car dies at idle after getting to operating temp

    Typical of disabled EGR in a tuned map. 440 is normal for no EGR. 019 should be about 0.68, 4.5V. Sometimes 0 will be present in one or both, cycling the ignition will re-run the self-test. The engine doesn't need to be started. Please post a CSV log of groups 001,003 from start up to the...
  2. jcrews

    Electrical headache from hell...

    I'd like to throw it on the bench, if I may. You could pull it apart yourself and visually inspect for cracked solder joints. A microscope works best, but a good eye, bright light, and decent loupe is often sufficient. It may be repairable if it's a mechanical or simple-ish monolithic component...
  3. jcrews

    Car dies at idle after getting to operating temp

    Please provide some more info: 003 mass air flow (should be 280ish) 019 start/stop voltages Are you sure the engine sync is correct (lock tools used)? If the injectors were never serviced, I'd pull them and look for poor spray, leakage, etc. These injectors are basic 2 spring Bosch DI...
  4. jcrews

    Electrical headache from hell...

    Thanks for posting your solution. Do you have the old unit by any chance?
  5. jcrews

    ALH Low Power - NOT limp mode

    Did you check measurement groups 008,9 for torque limit requests? Also check 02 auto box for ratio sanity and/or perform a driving test.
  6. jcrews

    Car dies at idle after getting to operating temp

    Have a look at basic settings 000.2. It should be around 50-60, even cold. That it starts to stumble as it warms up indicates the timing is probably too late. Is there a change between early/late in basic settings, channel 04?
  7. jcrews

    Tech tip: G28 troubleshooting

    NB: This applies to ALH. BEW has the same pickup, but a different waveform, and I haven't checked to see if its controller has any active monitors for this circuit. If I get a chance to test a BEW, I will update with waveform and self-diagnosis information. Short version: * Symptoms: Car...
  8. jcrews

    losing coolant.

    Have you looked under the crankshaft sprocket or belt cover recently? The W/P may be leaking.
  9. jcrews

    Glow plug CEL nightmare

    Remove the air filter, peel up the hood to rain tray seal, and open the wire harness conduit. Remove the glow plug bridge connector and disconnect it. Attach your meter to B- and one of the blades inside. Observe the resistance (zero the meter first). The resistance should be relatively low...
  10. jcrews

    mk4 Jetta Tail light issues.... anybody else have experience?

    Incorrect. Dielectric grease is an insulator and is only suitable as a connector gasket lubricant or anti-arc high tension wire boot coating. It should never be applied directly to terminals and will just make a mess.
  11. jcrews

    mk4 Jetta Tail light issues.... anybody else have experience?

    You don't have one of those. There's a comfort module, but it doesn't have any connection to main lighting. Dielectric grease is not going to help. Have you actually checked end-to-end ground continuity on both sides with an ohmmeter?
  12. jcrews

    B6 LED,s

    Hmmm I don't know why, but I was thinking about the front end that day. See section 1 of the MOT for private passenger cars. As long as 50% of the lamp illuminates, it is a pass. If you do want to fix them, I wouldn't use any counterfeit parts. My experience with them is that they are junk...
  13. jcrews

    mk4 Jetta Tail light issues.... anybody else have experience?

    Check for an open ground or loose nut. Pop the carpet off at the left side, and you'll see a ground point on the body panel below the pillar (the rear glass frame). Use an ohmmeter to check resistance from the light bulb holder to that location (brown wire).
  14. jcrews

    Radio buttons light not work

    Is it an aftermarket radio?
  15. jcrews

    B6 LED,s

    What LEDs? As far as I know the B6 Passat doesn't have any. Aftermaket? You should just disconnect them, and you'll pass MOT. The main headlamp housings have the required marker lamps next to the dipped beam.
  16. jcrews

    Need Transmission - 2005 Passat TDI Wagon w Tiptronic

    P0732? There are several causes. Road test diagnosis should be done to function check the gearbox. It could just need a solenoid set and new oil, or there could be a problem with one of the speed sensors. More information is needed before deciding to chuck the whole unit.
  17. jcrews

    How to post a picture

    Make sure your browser allows this domain ( to set cookies, and that you don't aggressively delete cookies. If you don't understand that, reset your browser's security/privacy knobs to default values.
  18. jcrews

    Removing AC lines

    Pull harder. Seriously, there are alignment pins that tend to get stuck in the hose end, so just rock the fitting slightly as you pull on the Al hose end. Don't twist it, though. You might get some love my knocking on the area where the bolt attaches with a hammer and a plastic/wood block to...
  19. jcrews

    Jetta TDI 2007 Air Filter (in Mexico)

    You can just pop a mk4 filter housing on it. This is a totally different situation from the mk3 - no hacks required.
  20. jcrews

    Jetta TDI 2007 Air Filter (in Mexico)

    There's enough space. You replace the screen (that entire plastic "dome") with a filter holder from another mk4. By 'fit,' I meant 'install.'