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    What causes MAF error codes besides a bad MAF?

    I know that dying MAFs are legend in ALH and BEW engines. I just replaced the fourth one in my '05 Golf a few days ago after three MAF errors made the CEL light up. I bought a new one which certainly appears to be a genuine Bosch (box had a little hologram seal) from BoraParts and I have had two...
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    Air duct slices intercooler open! Anybody had this happen?

    Yeah, it'll be permanent until the day before I have to make a long drive and I have to replace it in subzero weather. I didn't have any automotive grade silicone to fix it with. Bathtub caulk probably won't last through more than a few weeks of contact with hot engine oil. I should have known...
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    Air duct slices intercooler open! Anybody had this happen?

    The problem appears to be that the side of the duct that hooks to the intercooler first - the one with the tab - had lots of play. The duct edge probably wore through the aluminum because of grit trapped underneath. After multiple degreasings, I temporarily fixed it with a narrow strip of 1/8"...
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    Air duct slices intercooler open! Anybody had this happen?

    What are my prospects for repairing this thing? Boraparts has good ones for $300. Saw one on ebay for $65 (guaranteed to fit!) but that looks kinda scary. Another ebay seller has Behr brand intercoolers for $125. Does anybody know if those are any good...
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    Air duct slices intercooler open! Anybody had this happen?

    I was wondering why my turbo seemed to have so much lag and why I was getting so much soot for the first couple of seconds after hitting the throttle at mid RPMs. I thought maybe it was time to clean my intercooler and see if that would help. The outside was pretty crusty from spilled fuel...
  6. sliced intercooler

    sliced intercooler

    Rude surprise found during cleaning at only 116k miles.
  7. The duct that sliced my intercooler

    The duct that sliced my intercooler

    You can see where the edge of this duct cut into my intercooler by the notches on the edge.
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    2005 BEW PD lift pump operation and internals

    I just replaced my pump, which had probably been dead for over a year. My car has 104k miles on it. It had been running poorly for a long time, and I was puzzling over why my fuel filters plugged so quickly - 6k miles in one case. Finally, it began losing power and stalling easily. That's when I...
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    My Solution to Radio Reception (AM & FM) Problem

    I just got VAG_COM to diagnose a CEL and also noticed a trouble code for the antenna. I'm going to crack my antenna base open and have a look. I design circuits for a living and have had experience with various kinds of circuit board conformal coatings and potting encapsulants. The problem with...
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    Will a cat-back exhaust for an 03 ALH Golf fit an 05 BEW?

    I own an 05 Golf with an absolutely stock (at least for the time being) BEW engine. After a mere 95k miles, my muffler has a few new inspection holes in it and the pipe doesn't look like it's worth saving. Since I live in the midwest and drive on lots of heavily salted roads, I thought I'd look...
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    Front pipe with CAT - replace or repair (many pics)

    Another good place to buy stainless tubing from is Online Metals They won't stretch it for you, but their prices are pretty good and they deliver fairly fast. They also ship to Canada. Watch out for their dumb jokes, though.
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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    I just started reading this thread because my driver's door switch appears to have the dreaded gunk buildup. Being an EE (Bachelors degree from School of Hard Knocks, Masters from Smokestack U), I have a bit of experience with cleaners, electrical/electronic parts and plastics. First of all. DO...
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    Do oversize tires cause problems with ABS or ESP?

    Thanks! That's what I needed to hear. A set of new tires and wheels is on the way. This will be my summer set. My 195/65-15 Michelin X-Ice (1st gen) still have another winter of wear left on them. The next set of snows will probably be 205/70-15 like yours. Just wondering, did you install...
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    Do oversize tires cause problems with ABS or ESP?

    Was that your 2001 you were describing? I didn't know VW offered ESP back then. Or was that a predecessor to ESP? Does your dash have a deactivation switch?
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    Do oversize tires cause problems with ABS or ESP?

    After putting Jetta VR6 wagon springs, 10mm front spacers and Koni FSD dampers on my Golf, I started looking at larger tires and wheels. I think the 205/60R16 tires on 16 x 6.5 wheels I am about to order should fit just fine, since my car is now riding about 2" higher than before. I know that...
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    Yet Another Prius vs. Jetta article

    Last time I checked, adding a trailer hitch to either a Prius or a Civic hybrid would void either warranty. That's how I ended up with my Golf. I'm rebuilding a 500kg/1100lb travel trailer which I plan to haul with it. The Prius / Jetta TDI road test comparison I'd like to see would be to load...
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    VR6 Springs on TDI?

    Jetta VR6 wagon springs, Koni FSDs and 10mm front spacers are now installed. I should have gone to DuPage Auto Werks for this and had it all done by one shop. Instead, I called around and found another reputable shop that came in with a much lower price. As it turns out, that shop doesn't have...
  18. Front View of Bottom Clearance after Suspension Lift

    Front View of Bottom Clearance after Suspension Lift

    Bottom clearance at the front bend of the Panzer Pan is 5-7/8" / 150mm.
  19. Rear View After Lift

    Rear View After Lift

  20. L Rear View After Lift

    L Rear View After Lift

    These shots are of my \'05 Golf after installing Jetta VR6 springs, 10mm front strut spacers and Koni FSD shocks & struts. All of the lift came from the springs and spacers. Front lift - about 1-5/8" / 41mm Rear lift - about 2-1/8" / 54mm