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    heated seats

    I got the 5 position rotary switch. The single unit that had both the driver and pass seat in the one switch. I didn't want to cut 2 holes to mount a switch for each seat. I suppose you could turn the pad sideways as they are approx 11 x 19 so they are wider across the seats.
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    heated seats Type heated seat kit in the search. Select free shipping and search thru the listings to see which one fits your needs. I suspect they manufacture the seat kits for the car manufacturers and sell off the surplus. Aliexpress is HUGE and you can find some very interesting things...
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    heated seats

    I installed a set of carbon fibre heated seat kit, both front seats into my Golf. Ordered them from Aliexpress out of China. Came with heated pads for both seats, back and butt, all wiring in a wiring loom, relay, connectors, switch and fuse for the unbelievable price of $60 CDN delivered, there...
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    Headlight Restoration?

    I used some 3M rockguard on my lenses and they have been on 3 years and still perfectly clear. I would clean and wax them when I washed and wax my car. I am sure they will be fine when the 5 year mark rolls around.
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    Trans Leak Help

    Not a drain plug. That should be a T45 bolt that holds the rear linkage in place if I recall from disassembling my transmission earlier to install an lsd.
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    Wrong Thermostat Installed

    The scangauge read 188 degrees on a 6 mile commute home today. No leaks, just minor fluctuations in temp going downhill but otherwise everything seems fine. The thermostat is staying in.
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    Wrong Thermostat Installed

    I had purchased a new thermostat from a local VW vendor and installed it and replaced whatever antifreeze that spilled out. Then I noticed I was given the wrong t-stat (Behr 050 121 113C) which is for gassers, the 1.8 and 2.0. It should have been a 044 121 113. I did notice they were a bit...
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    Oil from EGR: turbo issue?

    Let me tell you my story. I had the same problem for a couple of months. Oil leaking out of the egr while at approx the same time my boost at WOT would go up to 29 lbs. Mark at Malone Tuning set my tune to max out at 24lbs. I didn't think that the two were related. I ordered a new egr from...
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    VNT17 adapter won't seat!

    Did the same thing last year. C clamp and a piece of wood. Couldn't manually press it past the o-ring no matter what i did.
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    5 speed rebuild questions

    Put in a LSD, it will fix a design flaw in the diff. Apparently the weak point is the rivets that fit the ring gear to the diff where they can shear off. I replaced mine with a Peloquin when I pulled the transmission to replace the clutch. There is a DIY on the Vortex website for an 02J...
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    Anyone install the Aeroguard Clear film on their own?

    Youtube "paint protection film or 3M rockguard" if you need more advice. I have experience applying vehicle graphics and if you're new at this you better have alot of patience. I wouldn't recommend it, it will test your frustration level.
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    Red TDI badge / where to buy one that won't fade ?

    I got some 3M reflective red vinyl (680 series)from work and applied it to TDI badge and carefully trimmed it out using a Olfa knife. Shouldn't fade and last for the life of the car. I posted pics to view. I can send you some by mail if you want to try it, just email me your address. Both pics...
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    TDI Badge
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    TDI Badge
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    Fixing Clouded Headlight Covers

    Cleaned mine almost 2 yrs ago and applied 3M rockguard to the plastic lenses, so far absolutely no signs of the fogging coming back. And I wax them each time I wax the car.
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    Headlamp lense replacement

    I installed clear 3M rockguard on mine and applied a wax over it last year and so far they are still crystal clear. I suspect I would get at least 3 yrs or more out of it before they may need to be replaced. Whenever I wax my car I wax the lenses also.
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    Southbend stage 3? Or something else?

    Sorry, my bad I meant 350 ft/lbs as per SB website for the stage 2 endurance. And don't shoot the messenger.
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    Southbend stage 3? Or something else?

    I ordered a SB stage 2 endurance earlier on this year and installed myself. Just to clarify as per SB website and confirmation from the vendor, the SB stage 2 endurance has a torque rating of 325 ft/lbs not 425ft/lbs, apparently SB has changed the rating from wheel to flywheel as quoted to me...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Installed Southbend stage 2 endurance with a 23lb solid billet flywheel and while I had the transmission out I disassembled the transmission and installed a Peloquin LSD over the long weekend. Job wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, just took my time and doubled checked everything. That...
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    floor is wet on passenger side

    I had a similar problem but on the driver side. The posts I read have said it was the door seal. I just recently fixed my problem 2 months ago and so far it seems to work. The leak came in from my car by the door sill. I think it is the design of the door seal which causes the problem. What...