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    AFN Cam Upgrade Advice

    Anyone please?
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    GTB2060VKLR Building a boost map.

    Thanks Dan Yes I’d also heard 2.7bar was safe, with the right tune, but with my standard AFN bottom end I wouldn’t be looking to push any higher than 2.2bar Mine was previously fitted (seemingly without issue) to a 180bhp Audi A4 build, so i can check if there is a restrictor in the kit I have?
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    GTB2060VKLR Building a boost map.

    I have the same turbo to go onto my AFN. Thats worrying about the turbo dying if you have a simple boost hose pop off? But I guess thats the same for all turbos, if youre already pushing it to the limit? At 2.7 bar I presume you're looking at over 300bhp?
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    AFN Cam Upgrade Advice

    Digging up an old thread.... :) I need to do the cambelt on my AFN passat, and thinking I could fit a high lift cam at the same time Any recommendations? IS the SDI cam actually any better? I do have lots of mods - see my signature
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    Sold: BHW/AFN Exhaust Manifold

    I have a couple of these for sale, just PM if interested
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    FS: 3.0tdi CAPA 240bhp injectors

    Hi All I have 5 good injectors from a 3.0tdi v6 CAPA 240bhp engine. I swapped all 6 when one was misfiring, but other s were all fne and showing good balance with VCDS After £50 each, based in UK
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    bv43 chip help

    Always nice to see VE builds with BV43 - thats what ive had on my passat for 8 years/80k miles. I still have the GTB2060vklr to go on... been in the garage for 7 years now....... :( I have 11mm pump and R520 (0.260) nozzles, and pump voltage map turned way down. I will happily dig out my...
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    Wanted: 0.260 - 0.280 nozzles or similar

    Ideally on injectors I currently have R520s, but wondering if they need a service - more smoke and less power than I used to have :( Is anyone selling anything 0.260-0.280 size in the uk please? many thanks
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    GTB2060vklr Cad drawing?

    isnt it just standard GTB flange? i have a GTB2060VKLR in my garage ive never got round fitting to my AFN passat! What car have you got mate? Im only over in BRackley, Northants
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    Wanted: R520 injectors or similar

    Hi All Ive run Bosio R520's for years now and theyve been great. The car is now smokier than it was, so thinking of getting these re-tested and set up again But for my current power goals (using an11mm pump and just 170whp) would i be better off with PP764s and using more of the voltage map...
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    Anyone selling any decent ~0.230-0.240 nozzles on bodies?

    Hi all I've been running R520s for years now with an 11mm pump, all fine, but given i only have a BV43 turbo at 1.75bar, the fuelling setup is probably a bit excessive (and it smells on tickover. Im thinking maybe I should go for 0.230 size nozzles and up the voltage? Any thoughts, or anyone...
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    WANTED: PP764 injectors or similar

    Or any suggestions for something similar?
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    WANTED: PP764 injectors or similar

    Hi All I currently run Bosio R520's with 11mm pump on my AFN 1.9TDI passat, but its a bit overkill fuelling wise given i only have a BV43 turbo Fumes on idle are more than i'd like. Possibly the R520's just need a service. But I was hoping to try a set of PP764s (or similar modern...
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    Audi A4 B5 quattro 1.9TDI project, target 400hp

    Wow good luck, big power goals :)
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    Boost limits / spikes

    10yr old post :)
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    Sdi pd camshaft into TDI PD

    Doesn’t the PD camshaft have extra lobes for injectors?
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    GTC1549VZ Questions!

    I have a couple of AFN/AVF/AWX manifolds for sale if yo do need one
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    BiTDI 4motion ALH passat b5

    Very jealous of your 4wd!