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  1. Red Devil

    LA Area Mechanic Recommendations

    Thanks for the info, so far the TDi part has been working fine, my current issue is the infamous air conditioner not blowing cold for a while... not so much an issue now but come July.
  2. Red Devil

    LA Area Mechanic Recommendations

    Thanks, I’m in Burbank and that seems too far, gotta be some one closer. I found in Pasadena on Yelp and they seem to have good reviews.
  3. Red Devil

    LA Area Mechanic Recommendations

    Did you find anyone? I need a good air conditioning serv tech.
  4. Red Devil

    Confirming an RCV failure in the AC?

    Have an A3 TDi with similar a/c issues - and it’s hot in LA! I watched the two videos above, have VAG and a copy of ElsaWin. Want to confirm I will need to evacuate and refill the Freon to replace the valve? This is skipped in the video and while the act of replacing the valve is pretty straight...
  5. Red Devil

    Buyback Lessons Learned

    Touchy TDi storage yard Guards Coming back from a camping trip this morning my daughter and I found ourselves in Adelanto, CA (off US-395) and a few blocks from a massive VW TDi storage yard. Having opted to keep my 2011 A3 TDi, I was curious to see the collection and knew I wouldn’t be by...
  6. Red Devil

    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    My check for $350 came in a white envelope.
  7. Red Devil

    Buyback Lessons Learned

    My A3 TDi has been fixed Just received my A3 back with the fix (and the all important confirmation that $7500 was heading into our account as a "sorry" payment). So far on a short drive, seemed to be no change in peppy performance. I was one, if not the first that my dealer McKenna Audi, has...
  8. Red Devil

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $2.89 Diesel in Burbank CA
  9. Red Devil

    Who decided to keep their A3?

    I am waiting for the fix, if it sucks, will go for the money. Audi told me if mileage was reasonable, I would receive the cash offered today. Love my car may as well drive. Absolutely right about depreciation, this is the first new car I bought. So far with $35k out the door, the cash and...
  10. Red Devil

    New Suspension

    What did you go for?
  11. Red Devil

    Free $500

    Received my package last week and visited an Audi Dealer this AM. Service guys were a bit flummoxed and sent me toward sales. Called me back though, and it took about 5 minutes for service manager to data enter the car into their computer. He said I was the second one in Pasadena to stop by. The...
  12. Red Devil

    Show what you tow!

    I bought my 2011 A3 after looking at the JSW and discovered in the owners manual that VW specifically said NO TOWING. The Audi book gave tow specs. I installed a Curt hitch (with a bit of custom welding from my local machine shop) and have had a ton of fun towing a 1957 Heilite one wheel pop up...
  13. Red Devil

    Service action 23N4

    I just discovered this open service campaign 23N4 via running my VIN at Came here to see what it was. On the website it says " software has been improved to assure your vehicle's tailpipe emissions are optimized and operating efficiently. I live in LA, do my own maintenance also...
  14. Red Devil

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    LA Times, front page above the fold article along with this editorial:
  15. Red Devil

    Sport mode on S-tronic

    I use sport mode a lot. Have found it works better once warmed up. When cold, I have experienced some bucking at low throttle. I have paddle shifters and it is fun to run thru the gears up Laurel Canyon while down the other side Hill Assist allows me to not have to brake as I go down the esses.
  16. Red Devil

    dumb question--engine block heater

    Something isn't working on yours. I didn't hear noise but the temp gauge was off the cold mark and it started and ran as warm. Warm air from a/c promptly.
  17. Red Devil

    dumb question--engine block heater

    So I tried to let the block heater run over night (wasn't very cold, maybe 47 or so). It made a big difference in the morning, started easier and ran much quieter and smoother for the first 5 minutes than it does when starting from cold. I don't believe you can find the plug, it definitely...
  18. Red Devil

    dumb question--engine block heater

    The heater cord did indeed arrive from the dealer along with the wiring harness from the front bumper to the engine block. I suspect they ordered the wrong part (the harness) and realized the mistake before they forwarded it on with the cable. Too bad it's 90 out today, would like to see how...