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  1. Canadian_Grizzly

    power loss, limp mode?

    Years ago this happened to my car. I restarted the car and it never returned. These are drive by wire cars and I think it was a glitch in that system putting into safe mode, not to be confused with limp mode which is a completely different thing.
  2. Canadian_Grizzly

    Replacing timing belt w/o special tools

    Search "mark and pray" Not recommended.
  3. Canadian_Grizzly

    Who has mega miles on a TDI

    Still Climbing
  4. od


  5. Canadian_Grizzly

    The 300k mile club!

    Update.... 631,000km 392,000 miles
  6. Canadian_Grizzly

    Please help me figure out my limp mode

    You are on the right track... just go through the writeup in my signature.
  7. Canadian_Grizzly

    ABS or Break Wear Sensor?

    Or just strip and short out the wire, this will also remedy the problem.
  8. Canadian_Grizzly

    To clean intake manifold? Some concern with warping the intake with above method. Other methods are frayed cable length on drill, oven cleaner, machine shop personally I prefer elbow grease and car wash. Good luck,
  9. Canadian_Grizzly

    loss of power

    If you only noticed the loss of power going up hills then I'm guessing you don't exercise your enough. Limp mode is dramatic and not a slow decrease in power. These cars need to be properly throttled occasionally. First have you ever cleaned your intake manifold? Second I would suspect the...
  10. Canadian_Grizzly

    looking for auto transmission for 2003 jetta tdi

    Mitch why not consider a 5 speed swap. You will get better power and mileage and longevity? Just wondering...
  11. Canadian_Grizzly

    Limp mode- code P0234/Transmission issues?

    Glad you found the problem. You can source just the actuator at many vendors. idparts for one.
  12. Canadian_Grizzly

    Limp mode- code P0234/Transmission issues?

    Read the writeup in my signature it should help with your overboost issue.
  13. Canadian_Grizzly

    Limp mode

    You bet... I have a writeup in my signature that will guide you through the process of diagnosing and fixing the problem.
  14. Canadian_Grizzly


    You are better off just sending the whole head to FrankO6. He does excellent work and he knows TDI's which is critical. Do it once to it right. Frank did my head over 100,000 miles ago.
  15. Canadian_Grizzly

    where to buy new intake manifold

    As above why not just clean your current one? Once its off just take it to the car wash and treat with degreaser and spray it out.
  16. Canadian_Grizzly

    Car won't start, open hood, I flip a switch and it starts? What is it?

    My guess is the same as jobob307 the ASV. Time for an intake clean probably. There is a link to the howto in my writeup below in my signature.
  17. Canadian_Grizzly

    Keep my '03 TDI or upgrade to an '09?

    If its a manual you better get rid of it now... pm me immediately!
  18. Canadian_Grizzly

    took my car to VW and they wrecked it! what to do now?

    Stick to your guns and get the best deal possible. Welcome to the club.
  19. Canadian_Grizzly

    Just bought an 02 Jetta 159K

    Find a GURU who can properly diagnose. Welcome to the club.
  20. Canadian_Grizzly

    Evo Atlas skidplate saved my oil pan!

    I waited 605,000 kms before I finally decided I should get a skid plate. No kidding 250 kms later I nailed a soccer ball size rock rolling across the road. The car launched when it hit the skid plate but my transmission was saved.