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  1. oilhammer

    Anyone know about _Audi A6(2008) balance_shaft_module_replacement procedure (2.0 Tdi/BRE )?

    It may be similar to the B5 BHW Passats, which can be found in the how-to sticky in the B5 section here.
  2. oilhammer

    I notice lower MPG with first tank after timing belt change

    Lower half of the graph seems to net better fuel economy, higher half of the graph nets better performance. The ALH is only a 90hp engine. It gets stellar fuel economy no matter what. So I tend to prefer them in the middle of the upper half of the graph. That said, your method of fuel...
  3. oilhammer

    2015 Hengst vs Mahle oil filters

    I prefer to use whomever supplied the oil filter assembly. Sometimes it is more than one possibility. In the case of the CVCA engine, there is only one supplier: Hengst. So I would use a Hengst filter element. Sure, they may all be interchangeable, but I just feel like the OEM brand of...
  4. oilhammer

    Bosch rotors - China or Italy? (1 year update)

    Almost all the brake rotors we get anymore come from China. Sad. There is a wide variation of initial quality, though. Some have some really bad castings, lots of bumps and pits. Some the casting is very nice and uniform. Couple years ago I replaced all the brakes on my dad's '99 Ford...
  5. oilhammer

    How old is too old....for diesel in the tank?

    The fuel is fine. I would probably replace the fuel filter once that tank of fuel has been run through, though, just in case something "grew" in the tank but I doubt it did. We have had diesels here sitting much longer than that. I helped a guy get an old IH grain hauler truck started after...
  6. oilhammer

    Reverse lights always on triptronic/automatic transmission 2005 golf TDI

    OBD works, start there. Ask the TCM what gear it thinks the transmission is in, go from there.
  7. oilhammer

    84 Quantum Engine Code Location & Others...

    The engine code is CY.
  8. oilhammer

    cold air intake on a 2.0 TDI?

    Yep. The real fun comes around 100k. But I am happy, too. Good income makers.
  9. oilhammer

    DSG transmission literally exploded! Please help!

    You can PM me, yes.
  10. oilhammer

    cold air intake on a 2.0 TDI?

    The GTI guys have enough with the EA888 engines randomly doing wallet-crushing things, LOL...
  11. oilhammer

    cold air intake on a 2.0 TDI?

    Yes, it makes perfect sense. And that is why it left the factory with one (just like every other car).
  12. oilhammer

    Looking at a 2012 jetta sportwagon tdi

    The entire exhaust system after the turbocharger, and block off the low pressure EGR port on the cooler. This is a big chunk of it:
  13. oilhammer

    Looking at a 2012 jetta sportwagon tdi

    I would go into it eyes wide open. I wouldn't kick my old ones to the curb (I drive 100 miles a day, I NEED reliable, durable, and efficient). And I would probably do a delete at the first hint of issues (more than likely, as soon as I got it, to be honest). At the very least I'd do a...
  14. oilhammer

    Do I Need To Tune??

    Some of the tuners are doing "rollback" software UN-updates, back to pre-fix levels. That will help, but the DPF cracking issue was a problem before even with that. It is just worse now. Much worse. As is the intercooler icing problem. I honestly don't know how people can sleep at night...
  15. oilhammer

    door doesn't lock but sometimes it does

    There are two kinds of those cars. Ones with door latches that are bad, and ones with door latches that will be bad or have already been replaced. If by some miracle your car has made it 18 years with all four of its original latches working and functioning as new, count yourself very lucky...
  16. oilhammer

    Looking at a 2012 jetta sportwagon tdi

    Oh man.... That model does not have SCR, so no DEF. Common problems: DPF failure Turbocharger failure Vane sensor failure Intake manifold failure DPF pressure sensors EGR pressure sensors Intercooler icing (which can destroy the engine) Cylinder pressure sensors (part of the $150...
  17. oilhammer

    Vr6 knuckle, caliper, rotor on TDI MK4

    Yeah, the Golf and Jetta GLS with the AWP or AWW 1.8t engine option used the 288mm front brakes as standard* and had the 15" Avus wheels same as the other 4 cyl engines. *very early 1.8t cars still used the 280mm ones, but literally only for about a month of production, and only the weird AWD...
  18. oilhammer

    Limp mode help

    Ok, so there is a lot to unpack here. First, you have two unrelated (at least on the surface) problems. An engine control problem and a transmission control problem. Engine limp mode is reduced power. A cause of that could be lack of boost control, which you clearly have (the P0299, low...
  19. oilhammer

    VW T5.1 2.0 TDI 84 P0299 & P0101

    Boost leak somewhere. Smoke machines work great for finding these.
  20. oilhammer

    2013JSW Secondary oil leak

    The only thing there is the oil cooler.