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    cold air intake on a 2.0 TDI?

    you gain at least a tenth in the quarter mile when your wallets lighter, so that's a plus. Save your money and save up for an emissions delete, save the intakes for the GTI spoolie bois.
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    I usually get false warnings going around corners, with enough fluid for my needs for another month or so.
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    Anyone drill the roof of a 2019 Golf for an NMO antenna mount?

    hole saws cut through anything why drop the headliner just bore right through it. From what i know about the egolf/Golf R (same chassis shell) seeing there's no roof i don't believe any stiffeners were required, so drill away.
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    analog clock issue

    I've noticed that when setting the clocks back for DST, the clock will try and go forward for a bit but soon as it knows it's faster to go backwards it'll reverse. So yeah cycle the time quire a bit and fingers crossed.
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    Waiting on a turbo

    What'd you get for a loaner? I more surprised no one in VW's supply chain can rebuild turbos, must be part of the supply chain issues affecting everything these days.
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Yeah I'm coming from the 6.5" screen and just looking for realestate. I drove a couple cars with the 8" a 2018 GSW loander and an Skoda Octavia in Iceland, while the resolution isn't bumped up the limited graphics of say album art or waze def doesn't seem like you're missing much from a "retina...
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    Pssst under hard throttle CR170

    Check those IC connections,
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    2011 2.0 CR 6spd DKM SMF clutch DISASTER (dead synchros, new trans, new clutch)

    I saw a youtube video of a poor shop installing a SMF on a '15 Golf with a tune, only to update 3 months later saying it failed, lol. applying "it worked wonders on my ol ALH" to the CR is a costly mistake people keep finding out the hardway. My guess the peak cylinder pressures of the multiple...
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    How to evaluate different tunes? Kerma, Malone?

    Also on stock emissions hardware, peak numbers mean nothing if EGTs get pegged on both software. When I was looking at tunes, it was having the option for future deletes being on the table that sold me, independent of the name or numbers from a single dyno run attached to the tune. I'd much...
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    You can go forever if you want, again don't confuse MK6 with MK7. We have stock DSG tuning on our malone tuned Passat, still have stock emissions. Power levels once emissions are deleted, isn't that much more, it's more of thermal management is way better so you can stay on the power without...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Next snag the 8" glass screen, it'll add remove 5 years from the look of that set up it's plug and play. I'm wanting to pull the trigger on a non nav 8" glass but it appears the ebay units are only coming from euroland.
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    analog clock issue

    Seeing it communicates with CANBus, you should be able to fiddle with it via VCDS to trouble shoot it. Most likely its the clock module or maybe the gears are starting to strip.
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    2015 Fuel pump and rough idle

    delphi makes a fuel pump for these cars? i think where that fuel pump is located in your garage (not in the car) is right where it belongs. Also water pumps aren't covered under the emissions warranty, that horse has been beaten to death.
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    I've replaced a failed sensor on my 2010 and it failed signal/electrical wise not port/fitting wise, soon as there is a little crack in that sensor and flow of exhaust gasses happen she'll melt quite quickly. So it's prob chicken or the egg, did a regen get a bit hot under the collar and...
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    2015 squeaking noise from TB side of engine

    Yeah they'll touch all TB bolts/tensioners and just replace the WP, and then the TB will need to be done in another 55K. I'd almost toss them some more money and have them do a full TB and WP job.
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    Warning signs of 2013 Passat Tdi transmission issues?

    DMF dual mass flywheel, rattles at idle is the dead giveaway. The DSG is pretty darn bullet proof, 400HP and 300+ ftlbs isn't unheard of for the Mk7 Golf R with the same transmission (different gearing).
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Those pressure sensors are for the exhaust, under normal operation there's no flow as its capped, so no soot, but soon as one end is opened you'll have flow. My guess when the melted, some soot shot past and filled up the heat shield.
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    Without a DSG tune and stg 2 emissions delete? you can drive it all you want just stay out of the max torque. You can ask for a low torque or "eco tune" it's the peak torque that causes DMF shudder. tuned Mk5 and Mk6 required DSG tunes, Mk7 is more of a nicety but not 100% needed.
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    Group question , advice on issue detonated Tdi high pressure fuel pump

    history has shown injectors are small enough to catch any metal from entering the combustion chambers before full shut down.