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  1. yatzee

    Easy way to delete most of the pics?

    I'd like to clear out a whole bunch of pics that are currently stored on the tdiclub server. I know how to do it 1 by 1, but is there a way to do a batch? Thanks
  2. yatzee

    Solid rear LCA bushings?

    I'm looking for a set of OEM VW solid lower control arm bushings to install in my Passat. I've found a nice long thread from vortex, but it's for the mk5 cars and the factory bushings seem to have a different part number. BUT..... If I dig a bit further, it looks like my bushings are shared...
  3. yatzee

    Intermittent no start?

    Me again! Intermittently, the car won't crank. Turn the key to on, and everything lights up as it should but when turning the key to crank, nothing happens. So far, it's only happened to her. Has anyone seen this on a 15 Passat?
  4. yatzee

    Getting Frustrated....

    Hi All, I'm a long time TDI guy having owned 2 MK3 diesels (1 TDI, 1 AAZ), 5 MK4 tdi's, and we also had an MK6 tdi wagon in the family for years. I bought a 2015 Passat TDI Comfortline (like an SE) 6 speed with 62k on it in August. We were pretty excited when we got it due to its combination of...
  5. yatzee

    Cannot fill fuel tank more than 4l

    Hi all, For the last few days, we haven't been able to put more than 4l into our diesel Passat. This is now with trying 2 different stations. Each time, I can see the diesel fuel overflowing up against the nozzle shutting it off. If I fill very slowly, I can get a bit more fuel in. Has anyone...
  6. yatzee

    Hitch input

    Hi all, Looking at putting a hitch on my 2015 Passat TDI. eTrailer offers these options - My reaction is to go with the DrawTite as it is a couple bucks cheaper than the Curt and much cheaper than the ecohitch. I'll be using it to carry our pedal bikes on a rack and perhaps renting a little...
  7. yatzee

    2015 Passat max offset?

    Hey All, i'm looking at putting audi wheels on my passat and i'm trying to figure out if 18 inch wheels that are ET29 will work or if they'll stick out too far. Does anyone have any specific experience with this setup? This is what says
  8. yatzee

    looking at a 15 Passat

    Hi All, long time no post - it`s been several years since my last tdi but i`m looking at buying a 15 Passat Comfortline (SE). I`m concerned about the seats. In the past, I haven`t found comfortline seats comfortable. I`m 6`3 and have several different back issues. I suspect that Leather from a...
  9. yatzee

    Biodiesel in Ontario (Ottawa Area)

    Hey guys, long time, no post. I've been out of the tdi game for a while now - mostly running old Mercedes these days and none of them are diesel (for now) For any who are interested, the gentleman west of Ottawa is doing biodiesel again. His email is FYI - I have nothing...
  10. yatzee

    Current source for biodiesel?

    Hi Guys, It looks like the guy who did Bio outside Ottawa has stopped - I didn't get an answer to my email. My D-Max has a couple bad injectors. I've followed the advise on cleaning them with no luck. My last ditch effort was to run some bio through them to to try to save them - i'm just...
  11. yatzee

    OT: Any members up around Temiskaming Shores?

    I'm looking at an older Mercedes up there - wondering if there are any members in that general area (the car is on the Quebec side) who know something about cars and have a bit of time to go take a look Thanks
  12. yatzee

    LF: RCD 510 (premium 8) radio in Texas

    Hi Guys, i'm currently near Austin, Texas and the radio just gave out in the Wagen so i'm looking for a used RCD 510 complete with code somewhere around here, or up towards Dallas. Just to keep in mind - I will need a radio code to make the whole thing work Thanks
  13. yatzee

    Best destination for a 3L?

    Hey guys, I'm starting to think about doing a 3l swap - that's the 1.2 tdi that powered the 3L Lupo. I've already spoken to Frans about availability. What do you guys think it would go best in? I was thinking MK1 or MK2, but there are very few nice ones around here.
  14. yatzee

    TDI in to Audi A6 C6 (2005)

    Found a 2005 A6 4.2 V8 where the engine stalled (likely a timing chain issue). Wondering about swapping a TDI into it. Maybe a BEW? A CR? Thoughts?
  15. yatzee

    Just bought an 03 Ram 3500

    It's not as clean as I would have liked, but for the price, I couldn't go wrong. It's also got a 6 speed which are quite rare up here. It's currently at VD Autoshop (local diesel guy) for a new set of injectors, steering joints and a nasty vibration at 75 mph. I very much doubt i'll be...
  16. yatzee

    Ontario consumer protection?

    Hi Guys (and Silver) Looking at buying a truck out of Ottawa from a dealer. What kind of protection do I have if there are any issues with the truck? They're saying that it's been inspected, but I will have to pass a Quebec safety with it, and would much rather they pay for any repairs that...
  17. yatzee

    LF: single column pod for MK4 cheap

    The title says it all. I don't need a new one - used would be great
  18. yatzee

    Easy way to delete photos?

    I've got a whole bunch of photos of former cars that i'd like to get rid of. Is there an easy way?
  19. yatzee

    Name this hitch!

    Hi guys, Just took this hitch off my 01. It's badly seized together so i'm looking for a replacement. The trick is that I probably want the exact same hitch so that I don't have to redrill the holes. I've googled and can't find a match. Anyone have an idea who made it?
  20. yatzee

    Fender looking for a lift...

    hi guys, this has worked in the past, so i'll try again - I've found a fender near Truro, Nova Scotia that another member is selling. Is anyone coming back from that area through Montreal in the next week or 2? I know it's a long shot - might go with the bus if we can't find anyone