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    Show what you tow!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun on the adventure. Are you using any all-season tires on this car? Do you mind giving us the make and model of this tire? I need a set of new tires to mount on my HD wheels. I'm excited to see the vlog on your YT channel, so be sure to share it here once it's ready.
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    Rough idle?

    Try to check your plugs but then again you have to provide more information about your vehicle so we can provide a resolution to the idling issue.
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    Skipped my car like a river rock the other night...

    Try to check out the classified ads all over the internet, I am sure that you'll be able to find one.
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    My black Passat b5.5 2003 Variant AVF

    Nice, it seems like you have a lot of plans for your Passat.
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    Just completed our first trip

    Nice choice of route, have you take any photos during this adventure?
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    WOW! These are the three words that come to mind when I look at them. I haven't seen such a van in a long time. Even the wheels of these cars are old fashion, that I can't find a similar pattern on 4wheelonline.
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    Show what you tow!

    It's been a while since I have seen this type of trailer.
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    2000 mile round trip 3 days

    That looks fun, I am sure that your Mom had so much fun during the said trip.
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    No way, is that some kind of a joke? :oops::eek::unsure:
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    Mechanic in san antonio

    Did something happen with your car? I usually look at the reviews on Google search for recommendations.
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    My Jetta 6

    Have you done any upgrades on this car for the last couple of months?
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    Road trip distance?

    I agree, but will it best to use bigger cars like truck and jeep for a muddy trail adventure.
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    What tires are people useing

    What about ContinentalConti SportContact 6? I've heard a lot of good things about this tire model from my friends. They told me that it offers fantastic grip, greater control and maximum stability. I am honestly planning to avail of a wheel and tire packages once my Michelin Pilot Super Sport...
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    New used jetta wagon

    Have you done any modifications to this car?
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    Continental tires for mpgs

    Continental tires have decent reviews online. I really love the ExtremeContact model because it is very efficient on the road. I got my own with a 25% off on 4wheelonline.
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    Baltimore, MD

    Have you managed to take a photo? I was hoping that the owner of the said car is a member of this community.
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    My 2012 TDI Touareg

    It seems like you have been through a lot of adventure with this car. The build probably paid off.
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    RTDI Part 2

    How was this build? What is your next step for this car?
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    Car cut out while driving

    Here are the other factors as to why your car shuts off while driving: Hopefully, you'll be able to find an answer from this article. Also, buying cheap stuff is not worth it.
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    Conway NH

    That is a lot of stickers, nonetheless, it looks nice.