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    Will plugging in a new Camshaft Position Sensor fix a G40 No Signal Fault Code

    Been troubleshooting a G40 Camshaft Position Sensor No Signal fault code. Wondering if just plugging in a brand new sensor as a quick test will make the fault code go away or does the CPS need to be completely installed and in place for the fault code to go away.
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    What exactly does the Camshaft Sensor do?

    Been having a hard start problem I've been trying to figure out. Getting a G40 code Camshaft Sensor No Signal. Im thinking its a chaffed/broken wire between the camshaft harness and the ECU but havent traced it out yet. Did some trouble...
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    What to use to fix/splice wiring in camshaft sensor harness going to ECU?

    I've got a potential chaffed wire problem Im tracking down causing a G40 camshaft sensor No Signal code. Im wondering what people use to fix chaffed wires. I've read not to solder wires which im terrible with anyway. Are there some sort of crimp connectors. Also read about butt crimps or...
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    Looking for VCDS in Bellingham, WA

    If anyone near Bellingham WA has VCDS VAGCOM and would be able to scan my car that would be great. Been having random long starting times and would like to check my timing to see if its where it should be. Thanks
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    Intermittent Random Hard Start Problem 2004 Jetta

    2004 Jetta 5-Speed 180k miles. Ive been having random hard start problems. Really random. Seems to be no consistency as to when it will take a long time to start. Recently there have been some cold frosty mornings and it fires up right away. Takes longer to start after its warmed up and I go...
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    Quick cold starts. Long rough hard starts when warm - air in fuel lines?

    2004 Jetta BEW PD 5 speed 180k miles. Car starts almost instantly when cold after sitting overnight. Runs a little rough for a barely a block or two when i drive off. Once car is warmed up tho it has to crank quite a bit, 2-5 seconds to fire up. Now that the weather is getting warmer ive...
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    2004 Jetta PD BEW rough cold start rumble-stutter at idle until warm

    2004 Jetta PD BEW 5 speed 170k miles. Takes longer than it should when starting it cold. About twice as long as it should. Once running it stumbles and shudders (visible on tachometer). Runs really rough for several blocks but after a few minutes it smoothes out. This is a recent problem ive...
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    New battery voltage?

    Been chasing down some various problems and decided to get a new battery. 7 year old battery was working fine but checked voltage after sitting over night and it was a little low. One of the problems ive been having was flickering dash and headlights. Figured i was due for a battery so i got a...
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    Is In Tank Lift Pump failure inevitable?

    Chasing down a few problems and during my troubleshooting I've found what I think to be a dead in tank lift pump. No obvious telltale symptoms of it being dead but when I listen to check if pump is working I can't hear a thing even with my ear right on top of it. Also disconnected fuel line and...
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    Flickering Dash Lights and Head Lights 2004 Jetta BEW PD

    2004 Jetta BEW PD 5 Speed 170k miles. Dash and Head lights have been flickering. The flickering seems to be related to a small stumble Im having at idle. The flickering matches the pulsing of the tachometer. Had a code for Cam Position Sensor. Replaced the CPS and symptoms were still the same...
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    Video: 2004 Jetta BEW PD. Stumbling / pulsing when idling

    2004 Jetta BEW PD. Stumbling / pulsing when idling 2004 jetta bew pd 5 speed egr delete malone 1.5 tune. 170k miles. About 15k on new franko6 stage2 cam and new timing belt with all new associated parts. Been noticing a stumble/pulsing lately mostly at idle when warmed up but also just noticed...
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    PD what constitutes Hard Start

    2004 jetta pd bew 5 speed 165k miles. Recent timing belt and new franko6 stage II Cam and new .658 5th gear. Its been great since dec 2014 install. Ocassionally noticed it takes a while to start. Not long but sometimes it fires as soon as i turn the key and other times it has to turn over...
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    What are peoples favorite models MK5 and newer?

    What are peoples favorite models/years MK5 and newer? I own a 2004 Jetta and i love it. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Just curious what years people like from MK5 (2006+) and newer. Im aware of a lot of the issues that various years have. Just wanted to see what might be a good choice for...
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    Vents blowing hot air only DIY

    Found a solution to this problem on vw vortex. Took me a little while to find it so Im posting this in hopes people will find it faster Symptoms Got in car on the first hot day of the year...
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    What rpms r u rollin in 5th with a .658 gear at 60 mph

    Just looking for opinions as to what rpms u r rollin when yr driving 60 mph or less. Stoked on my new 5 th gear but anything undr 60 mph seems a bit of a drag not worried just looking for opinions
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    Anyone do a 1.8T Pancake Pipe Upgrade for BEW

    Ive read the how to's on the pancake pipe upgrade. Didnt find much information specific to BEW's. Just wanted to see if anyone has installed this upgrade on a BEW and if its worth it. Ive got the stock KP39 turbo and that's what I would be retro fitting the 1.8T pipe to for now. Thanks
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    Is Torsion Value a set value or does it flucuate thru the RPM range?

    Just wanted to know if torsion value fluctuates throughout the various rpm ranges or is it a set, constant value.
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    Where is Torsion Value on VCDS Lite

    Ive searched around but Im not finding a lot of info on where Torsion Value is on VCDS Lite. from the little info ive found it seems like the last reading for Idle Stabilization might be Torsion Value. hoping someone can verify that for me.
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    How much brake drag is too much?

    checked my rear wheels today to see if they were spinning freely and to see if my rear brakes were dragging. passenger side rear spun pretty well. it made several rotations before slowing to a stop. I could hear a spot on the disc that was rubbing the pads on each revolution but it spun pretty...
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    Trust a "Non Guru" for clutch and flywheel replacement?

    Just wondering what people think about going with a mechanic that isnt a trusted mechanic listed on this site or a "Non Guru". Ive got a 2004 Jetta BEW PD 5 speed with 165k and will need a clutch soon. Also gonna go with a single mass flywheel. I dont think a clutch job is that difficult but...