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    Geared balance shaft reliability?

    Finally got the 2005 passat home I bought back in Dec. for a donor car. Plan is to put the bhw into an 2003 4door blazer I have. I had assumed I would be doing a balance shaft delete, but after pulling the motor today I popped the pan off and discovered it has the geared balance shaft module in...
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    Will it make it home?

    Looking for a bhw to swap into my 2003 Blazer. I have located one with 250,000 kilometers (156,000 miles) on it for a good price. I know the transmissions on these are problematic and the owner says this one is starting to act up, being sluggish to shift and sometimes feeling like it is slipping...
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    Source for v-band flanges to fit GTD1752VRK?

    Have a GTD1752VRK turbo here I plan to fit to my alh jetta. Anyone know where I can source flanges to weld to the exhaust manifold and downpipe that match the ones on the turbo?
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    Narwhal Motors programmable ecu

    Came across this on a boating forum and thought it might be of interest to some here.
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    Interesting engine concept. Came across this and thought it looked like an interesting concept. Claims some impressive #s for bsfc and power to weight, probably to good to be true. Would like to hear what some of...
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    Cog belt drive and crankshaft bearings?

    I have a pd160 in my jetboat and have been thinking about going to a cog belt drive from the flywheel to the pump input shaft. This would allow me to move the engine back about 16" for more usable room in the boat as well as allow me to play with different drive ratios between the engine and...
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    BPX timing belt kit?

    River started to run slush here last week so I pull my boat out for the winter. Thinking I should do the timing belt on it in the off season. Anyone know if I can use a kit for the bew or brm on the bpx engine or will I need to source the kit from Europe? I am pretty sure the water pump is...
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    What cars had starters that spin the the opposite way?

    I have the original starter mounted behind the flywheel on the 1.9pd I have in my boat. It is a very close fit between the rear of the engine and the transom, so I am thinking I would like to mount the starter the other direction alongside the block ahead of the flywheel. To do this I need to...
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    Oops Here's what happens when you swap in a 4bar map sensor and don't upgrade the software for it.This is from the 1749vb in my boat. It hit 32psi for maybe 4 seconds before it blew. [img][img] Can't seem to get the picture up or delete the...
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    BV50 installed and running.

    Finally found the time to get the bv50 turbo and new manifold installed on my boat. The intent of the upgrade is to try and get my egt numbers down. Set the actuator to full travel at 18"hg initially but on firing it up I found I was getting 15psi of emp at a little less than 2000rpm. After...
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    New 4 into one exhaust header

    Just got the header I built for my bv50 turbo install on my tdi back from the ceramic coating place. Thought I would throw a couple pics on here for any one thats interested to view. Hopefully it works well, should know soon.
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    Turbo carnage
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    Opinions wanted, BV50 or GT3063KLV

    I am just in the process of building a 4into1 tubing exhaust manifold for a planned turbo upgrade on the tdi in my boat. I have a bv50 here that Ruben sent me I have been planning on putting on but just came across a GT3063KLV that I could get quite cheap so looking for opinions on whether it...
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    login code for switching tunes with vcds?

    Hi everyone, I have a 160pd(engine code bpx) from an 2005 ibiza cupra in my jetboat. The ecu has been remapped by Jeff(rocketchip) and he left the stock tune in the ecu as well.He told me to switch between his tune and the stock one by logging in and recoding between 6speed and auto. I have...
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    intercoolers and condensation

    Just wondering if anyone else has ever had an issue with excessive amounts of water collecting in there intercooler due to the temperature drop pulling the moisture out of the air(condensation). I put a larger air to water intercooler on the pd160 in my boat (supposed to be good for 1500+ hp.)...
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    1.9pd's internally or externally balanced?

    I'm about to take my extensively modified flywheel from my 160pd(bpx) to an engine shop to have it balanced. Does anyone know if these engines are internally balanced in which case I can have the flywheel done to a neutral balance? Or are they externally balanced including the flywheel in which...
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    6speed for sale

    I have a 0A8 6 speed transmission out of a 2005 Seat Ibiza cupra with 20k miles on it. I got it along with a 1.9 160pd that I imported from the U.K. I installed the engine in my boat and have no use for the transmission.I don't know what it will fit but I understand that the Ibiza is built on...
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    strength of dual mass flywheel

    Hi everybody,I am in the process of installing a 160pd from an 2005 seat ibiza cupra into my jetboat for use on the rivers in northwestern B.C.I have sent the six speed trany and clutch to David Marshall of fast forward automotive in exchange for a custom wiring harness for the boat and he needs...
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    160pd in jetboat

    Hi everybody,I'm new to tdi's although not new to diesels but I have just bought a 1.9 tdi from the U.K. to install in my welded aluminum jetboat over the winter.It is a 160pd from a 2005 seat ibiza cupra,the engine code is BPX and I bought what they called a conversion kit (engine,six speed...