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    No more Diesel for US from VW

    VW diesels will soon be relegated to the dust bin of history. As I presume this place will be too. If this board didn't go out of its way to limit talk and sharing of info on the biggest thing ever about VW and diesels - diesel gate and what VW was doing about it, it sure looked that way. As...
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    Dieselgate: Volkswagen to Spend Up to $14.7 Billion to Settle ...

    So, has anyone heard when we can take the deal and get the cash?
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    Is there a thread/forum for talking about the dieselgate and settlement offers, etc?

    I have some questions others probably share as well. Like: do individual owners of the vehicles involved have to file suit in the case I read about in the media, (the article said a judge had given "the parties" to June 21 to work out a deal) or will the deal cover everyone? That is what...
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    If there is a Buyback..What would it take for you get out of your TDI?

    Those that say "don't panic" are probably the same ones who sat listening to the band play on the Titanic. My guess is it is the death of the diesel engine in passenger cars. Gonna take too much money to make them compliant. VW will spend some money to get past the cost to us current owners...
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    How to get my 2014 Sportswagen to recognize new cellphone?

    Mine has had 3 other phones. It did find the new one, once I got back in the groove on how to do it. And, fwiw, I didn't have to delete any. Don't know why
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    How to get my 2014 Sportswagen to recognize new cellphone?

    Thanks! And, as said above, the owner's manual will get you there too.
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    How to get my 2014 Sportswagen to recognize new cellphone?

    Can anyone give me procedures to get the car to pick up the new LG G4 I just got? Thanks
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    sportwagen MPG

    On the highway I get about 45. Last trip I averaged 49 heading off our caprock to lower elevations over about 180 miles. Also, 75+ mph most of the time. Around town, I get about 35-36. I am happy with the mileage.
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    DSG hesitation

    OK, the revving without acceleration is not what mine did. Different deal on that.
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    DSG hesitation

    Its exactly like what I tried to get fixed for 2 years before I sold my 2009 DSG. Just out of the blue would act like the accelerator was not connected to the engine for around 2 to 2 and half seconds. On mine it was usually accelerating (or trying to) from a slow down. Multiple trips to the...
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    Hauling JSW behind RV, pros and cons?

    Thanks for giving me the benefit of your experience Revpeach. Since it is a front wheel drive and will be on the tow dolly, I wasn't too worried about mechanical damage, but, my Jetta Sports Wagen is, relatively, so low and long, especially behind the wagen's rear wheels, I was afraid it might...
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    Hauling JSW behind RV, pros and cons?

    I am thinking about hauling my 2014 behind an RV later this summer. It will be on a car hauler (front two wheels off the ground on a two wheeled carrier). I have some concern about how long and relatively low the JSW is as far as dragging the rear bumper area going through dips. Of course, if...
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    Car doesn't feel planted/wanders (loose steering feel)

    I've had this type of sensation from day one with my 2014 JSW. Compared to my 2004 feeling like it was on rails at any speed, I was very disappointed. I don't know what VW changed in the suspension, but it is noticeably less secure feeling. I had a 2009 Jetta coupe and it had less...
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    My JSW seat are killing my wife and I...

    The ones on my 2014 JSW really lack the fit and comfort of the ones on my 2009 Jetta and 2004 JSW.
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    New cell phone, car won't find it

    Thanks for the info/reminder. That was the trick. Even once bluetooth was turned on, I had to tell the phone to search for other devices. Then things paired. All is good.
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    New cell phone, car won't find it

    Just got an HTC One cell phone. My Nokia Lumina 1020 wasn't a problem when I "found" it last October. Ditto wife's Samsung cell phone. My 2014 Jetta says "compatible phone not found". How do I fix that? If I take it to the dealer can they update the data base?
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    DSG issues and possible swap

    I had a DSG in a 2009 Jetta. Wouldn't take one if you gave it to me. Went with a manual in the 2014. Much happier.
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    Sportwagon rear seat room?

    Its better than in my '04 JSW, but, really only ok for kids for any length of trip.