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    WTB - BEW running engine, Northern CA

    Please delete
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    WTB: 2001-2003 Golf TDI

    Hello all. Im looking for a Golf TDI with the following characteristics: * no rust (surface rust on some of the body or on easily replaceable parts like fenders might be okay ... please send pics of the affected areas) * Blue in color (not interested in any other color, for now) * Under...
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    Auto-to-5 speed Swap, CA

    Anyone out there available to do an auto-to-5speed swap on a Mk4 TDI wagon in CA (preferably Bay Area, NorCal, or Central CA)? Have all parts. PM me.
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    FS: B4/B4V Parts, CA - $25

    Continue to clear the garage and TDI cache. *Intercooler and piping, $80 (shipping will be a little more on this due to size) * Intake piping, $70 * Front calipers in good working conditions: $50
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    FS: Mk4 wagon pet barrier, $99 - CA

    Still available
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    FS: KP39 Turbo for BEW, $399 - CA

    KP39 turbo from a Jetta TDI wagon (2004 BEW) that was recently totaled. Turbo has about 50k on her and no issues. Asking $399 (plus shipping). I do not have anything else from the BEW, including engine (its spoken for by a local guru). Suspending sale as Im going to be out of town.
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    FS: 5-speed swap kit for Mk4, $850 - CA

    Please remove
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    FS: VNT17 for BHW, CA - $399

    FS: VNT17 for BHW, CA - $349 Sold!!!!
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    FS: VNT 17/22 and SMIC, CA: $200

    Smic: sold! Vnt 17/22: Sold!
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    FS: FMIC kit Mk4, CA - $299

    SOLD .. thanks Joe.
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    FS: Mk4 Parts, Spring Cleaning, Norcal

    Doing a bit of spring cleaning like many others. I have a good cache of Mk4 parts ... Located in southern Sonoma County, CA. I would part with the whole cache for $150 (pickup). All prices listed below, and do NOT include shipping from CA. Moonsoon radio (no code, but can be retrieved at...
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    FS: 2000 Beetle GLS,140k, $2999 - CA

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    WTB, 1999-2001 Golf or Beetle Donor

    WTB, 2000-2001 Golf or Beetle Donor Thanks everyone.
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    2004 Passat B5.5 4 Motion TDI: W.MA-NY, $2999

    Decided to have the project finished. Thanks!
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    2002 Jetta TDI GLS Wagon, 204k - CA, $3900

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    Jetta TDI wagon, northeast US

    Ran across this:
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    2000 Golf 2dr, NJ - $2000 obo

    2000 Golf 2dr, NJ - $1999 obo She's gone!
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    Misc Mk4 Parts, CA - various $$$$$

    Please delete