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  1. slyk

    Rosstech KII-USB cable

    Sold, thanks for looking. . Shipping from central texas. If I don't respond via PM, feel free to email [removed]
  2. slyk

    FS: White 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI w/6 speed conversion in Iowa

    Car is sold I can’t believe I’m selling this car. Selling my 2003 White/Tan TDI Wagon (GLS) with 6 speed manual conversion with full maintenance history since new. Overall this car is in great condition at ~168k miles – you won’t find many like it. I consider it a bit of a unicorn due to the...
  3. slyk

    FS in Iowa: Set of 4 Monterey wheels and snow tires (5x100), well used but functional

    Asking just $100 for the set. Located in Iowa City, IA. Not wanting to ship, but will if the buyer pays full shipping. All wheels have some degree of pitting, damage, or peeling, but they still work and were in balance when I pulled them off a year ago (I didn't use them this season). Michelin...
  4. slyk

    Swaying/wandering from side to side on grooved concrete

    My wagon has been "swaying" from side to side for a little over a year now. It's not terrible, but definitely noticeable. I've narrowed it down to it seemingly only happens on grooved concrete, and only with my all-season tires (Firestone champion I think??). I first noticed the problem a little...
  5. slyk

    Yakima roof rack bars / mounts from MK4 Jetta Wagon

    These are used, but still work great. They do not lock -- therefore no keys to lose. I think you can add lock cylinders to them maybe? One of the bars is missing the end cap (pictured). SOLD - thanks for looking
  6. slyk

    Stereo equipment (Pioneer HU, Amplifier, Speakers + wiring)

    I pulled most of this gear out of my 2001 Jetta when I sold it. I never got around to putting it into my wagon, and at this point I just don't feel like doing the install. Willing to negotiate on the full package, but I've tried to make the prices pretty reasonable already. Photos will get...
  7. slyk

    MK4 Rear Axle Bushing Install Tool

    I just used this in the past week for the first time. Purchased brand new from ID Parts. It worked very well — I wouldn’t hesitate to do this job again now that I have this tool, I just hope I won’t need to do it again for a very very long time! Asking Sold shipped via USPS. It’s $55 shipped...
  8. slyk

    Stuck on the side of the road for the first time

    Edit: Made it where I needed to get to (a mile from where I was stuck). Heading around town today my wagon started to have issues. Tach would drop to zero, throttle would stop responding, etc while it coasted to a stop in gear. Then oil light would flash. I was able to restart several times...
  9. slyk

    Help with O2M part numbers (drain plug and inspection plug)

    I'm having a hard time finding a part number for the O2M (6 speed) drain plug. It's the one that takes the fancy tool. For the inspection plug, I found this part number: 02M 301 115 B -- Can anyone confirm that it is correct? Somehow mine went missing... Thanks! Edit: Found the inspection...
  10. slyk

    This morning's -47F cold start in my 2003 wagon

    I took this video this morning of my TDI wagon starting at -47F. I had it plugged in overnight, which includes a frost heater, oil pan heater, and a battery trickle charger. This is the coldest I've ever started my performed great!
  11. slyk

    Snap On / Mac impact sockets, Proto Blackhawk ratcheting wrenches

    Selling some tools to generate some cash. All are used and show use marks, but still pretty decent condition and fully working. The impact sockets are a little more worn than any of the other items. All prices are OBO unless indicated and do not include $5 shipping anywhere via USPS...
  12. slyk

    DS heated mirror glass part #?

    Hey guys, I know, use the search. I searched for 20 min here and went on 1stvwparts and came up empty. I've found the passenger side part number to be 1J1 857 522R, but I can't find the driver's side. Looking for just the glass with heating element built into it. I replaced my passenger side a...
  13. slyk

    Malone Tuning Flashzilla v2

    I kept this for a couple years thinking I would buy a tune for my Wagon, but I just don't see it happening. It works great and comes with the car cable. It is unlocked (not bound to a car). *May be a v1, as the graphic is different from what's listed on the malone website* $Sold. Here's a...
  14. slyk

    MKIV OEM Door lock / latch assembly (Driver's Door)

    Sold thanks for looking.
  15. slyk

    WTB: Monterrey wheels (Set of 4), shipped to TX

    Hey all, I'm looking for a set of Monterrey wheels (the ones that were on 2003-2005 models). I am only interested in wheels that the seller is willing to ship to me (zip code 79912). Please let me know what condition your wheels are in (photos preferred) and how much you are asking (shipping...
  16. slyk

    Prepping my TDI for a trip to and use in Alaska

    In about 6 months I'll be taking my '03 Wagon to Alaska. I have ordered and will install a frostheater, but what else would you guys recommend to cold weather prepare my TDI? I was thinking maybe a battery blanket as well... Also, I will be making the ~3600 mile trip up there through Canada...
  17. slyk

    Harmful to drive with a hole in my upper intercooler pipe?

    So...driving cross country, and my 03 wagon popped the UIP off. It rubbed on the power steering pulley and rubbed a little hole through (2cm long x 1/3 cm wide). I reseated the pipe/clamp, cleared the code, but car is throwing tons of black smoke out the back (getting less air than the car is...
  18. slyk

    Feeler FS: 2005 Jetta Wagon TDI, 5spd, lots of upgrades, 109k miles, white/tan

    Car is sold! Feel free to read the thread for entertainment value if you'd like...ha! Now for the good: 2005 Wagon TDI with ~111k miles (and counting) Raceland coilover suspension, lowered ~1-2" VNT-17 from Kerma put on at 105k 3" Turbo back SS exhaust from kerma Kicker components, JL W3...
  19. slyk

    Yet another wagon suspension thread

    Sorry to post another one...I've just finished reading a lot of them. Looking for a little confirmation on what I'm considering doing, as well as any way to cut back on the price a bit. My '05 wagon currently has raceland coilovers and is probably 1.5-2" lower than stock. I hate the ride feel...
  20. slyk

    FS: MKIV stuff - PD150 & ALH Intake, PD150 TIP kit, Rear struts/hardware, TB Bolt kit

    FS: MKIV stuff - PD150 & ALH Intake, PD150 TIP kit, Rear struts/hardware, TB Bolt kit Trying to clean out my garage. All prices include shipping within CONUS. Will not ship internationally. I can only ship on Saturdays, so shipments won't go out until then. ***Open to Offers*** Looks to be...