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    Purchased a '15 Passat TSI SE Tonight

    I probably should have bought a Honda. I was considering it. I just liked the size of the Passat more. I drove my TSI to Nashville and already miss the TDI. I used to make the trip on one tank of fuel with fuel to spare. Not anymore ? I didn't come close to the 36 MPGs the TSI is rated for. 33...
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    Purchased a '15 Passat TSI SE Tonight

    Well, I hate to sell back my '13 Passat TDI SE but I decided too. It was a very hard decision. I love the fuel mileage and range. I drive at least 164 miles per days, Monday - Friday. However my TDI had 126k miles, needed the heater core replaced (which I missed the extended warranty :mad:)...
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    Just my check!!

    I have a question...where do you chose the EFT vs Check option?
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    Turbo lag or what?

    My understanding is that the delay isn't turbo lag, it is an ECU delay. I could be wrong. I have the DSG transmission and I don't like the delay. I have learned to drive with it thought. Sometimes it catches me when I am not paying attention.
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    '13 Passat TDI SE Reduced MPGs

    The old tires were the Continental Contiprocontacts with 4-5/32. The new tires are Michelin Primacy MXM4s with 9.5/32
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    '13 Passat TDI SE Reduced MPGs

    I asked them about any software updates. The service advisor denied that they installed any. Interestingly, a lady I work with has a VW Jetta TDI. I believe when she hit 100k miles (like I just did) her car had reduced mpgs after being serviced. I still wonder if the dealer did install a...
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    '13 Passat TDI SE Reduced MPGs

    I will check the tire pressures. They're new.
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    '13 Passat TDI SE Reduced MPGs

    My 13 Passat TDI SE has recently dropped fuel mileage from 40-42 to 37ish. I am driving the same route every day. Two weeks ago I had the 100k mile service completed. I had new tires installed last weekend. Today I had the alignment checked. We have had consistent weather (sunny). This is...
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    VWGoA – Online Claims

    If you look at the mileage table, the buy back rate changes $360 or $390 (I can't remember which) per 5,000 mile interval.
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    Continental Pure Contacts vs Michelin Primacy MXM4

    Well, I had the Michelin Primacy MXM4s installed today. I thought about buying a cheap set of tires, but could not find any. I received an email from my local VW dealer regarding the recall, and signed up on the VW claims website. My buy back offer is $17k and the settlement to keep the car...
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    Continental Pure Contacts vs Michelin Primacy MXM4

    That is interesting. I didn't think about a taller size. I like the Defenders, especially given the amount of miles I drive.
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    Continental Pure Contacts vs Michelin Primacy MXM4

    Yes, I am familiar with those. I would purchase them but my favorite tire store doesn't carry them. I may order them from tirerack.
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    Continental Pure Contacts vs Michelin Primacy MXM4

    Your comments are very helpful. Thank you. I am leaning towards the Michelins even though the Pure Contacts are rated higher. I have had really good experience with Michelins.
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    Continental Pure Contacts vs Michelin Primacy MXM4

    I would appreciate opinions from those who have owned these tires. Do/did you like them? Would you buy them again? What didn't you like about them? I am buying new tires in the next two weeks. My favorite tire store carries these two tires for my car. I drive approximately 60-65k miles...
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    do I need tires yet?

    Ditto on replacing the tire. September, from what I have read, will be the earliest that the buy back or payment will start. I am sure that is subject to change. I have to replace my tires too, unfortunately.
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    Rear Flashers ought to be yellow

    If you want yellow flashers, go buy the Chinese LED tail lights on eBay. You'll also get rear fogs too.
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    700 Mile club Who's in?

    2013 Passat TDI SE 91,453 miles 724.3 miles on the tank 45 mpg (calculated) on the tank 16.993 gallons
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    Oklahoma to South Carolina- Trip Log | MKVI Golf

    I made a mistake...the first trail I was referring to was the Chimney Tops trail. It has been a while since I hiked the trail. Chimney Tops was actually the first trail I hiked in GSMNP. Anyway, there are two "peaks" if I remember correctly, so I am not sure how I messed that up. HA! Thanks...
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    Hilarious story of my friend and his diesel Chevy Cruz

    How does he like his diesel Chevy Cruise? I have been eyeing them depending on how the "fix" or buy back program goes.