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  1. jessica_rabbit

    Side Note: To my TDI family/friends

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hi and thank you to those who became my friends in the short amount of time that I've been around. You are truly a great bunch of people. I hope the holidays will bring you and yours peace and joy. Be sure to Behave when Innocent and Trouble are around...:D Jess...
  2. jessica_rabbit

    power windows! Ugh!

    :mad: Well, I've read about them on and on and on and now... my rear passenger side window refuses to go up and it is RAINING! I just had to vent. Sorry... :o Do I need to buy a new motor?
  3. jessica_rabbit

    heated seats vs tdi heater

    What are the advantages of a tdi heater. I've done searches for the TDI heater and still don't know if the heater is suppose to warm up the engine, just the coolant, or just the interior. :confused: Also, how long does it take to install heated seats or the TDI heater to a 02 j wagon by...
  4. jessica_rabbit

    Leaky lights?

    Hi, I am back for more advise. It was really raining these couple of days in NY and I found a leak in the car at a couple of odd places, the interior lights in the front cabin. We ddin't notice it leaking until my husband kept on feeling water dripping on him and when he flip the visor down...
  5. jessica_rabbit

    July 23 Palisades State Park?

    Anyone interested? :D
  6. jessica_rabbit

    FREE: BOSCH fuel filter

    Hi All, Got this fuel filter by mistake and now wondreing if anyone can use it. It is made by Bosch and #WK 842/4. I don't know what car it fits in but I got it from TDI so I am assuming it is good for some TDIs out there. It's got D2 in it as it was primed before installation but...
  7. jessica_rabbit

    Manhattan, NY

    I saw on in Mahattan today. (Dark) Gray mk4 parked on 3rd Ave. between 25 and 26 st. Ha, I was so excited and this time, I left a note on the car: "Hi, check out Fred's TDI Club.... jessica_rabbiit.... p.s. we're at ______ restaurant." Saw the owner came out with her friends and waved "bye"...
  8. jessica_rabbit

    White Gold Heavily moded Queens, NY

    Hey guys, Saw a heavily moded Golf in White at 101 Ave. and 87th St. around 7 pm. I just parked and came out of the car and getting ready to cross the street when I heard the wonderful engine and I turned and saw the Golf speeding down the road making a turn onto 87th. I quickly crossed my...
  9. jessica_rabbit

    horrified by the mechanic now need help undo everything he did

    Hi, I know I am stupid for bring my car to him but now I am in need of someone to help me undo what he did. :( TB needs to be make sure that it's on right and needs to be scaned by a VAG-COM for the timing. Oil needs to be replaced along with the fuel filter. Air filter needs to be checked...
  10. jessica_rabbit

    VAG-COM result comes back with TB Fault. Please HELP!

    Hi, I've posted this on the MPG thread and not getting suggetions so I am now taking the liberty to post a new thread about this hoping to get some help. :( Jess
  11. jessica_rabbit

    MPG vs. gliding in neutral

    Hi All, I am used to let the car coast/glide in neutral before stoping at a red light. The question is, is this good for the car since TDI are not suppose to idle much or is it worth it for the fuel saved? :confused: Thanks! Jess
  12. jessica_rabbit

    Difference between TDI and diesel

    Hi, I've read about the differences between a TDI and a regular diesel on the site before but I can't seem to find it anymore. I tried the search function and still can't locate it. Would someone please point me to the right direction? Thanks! Jess
  13. jessica_rabbit

    I FINALLY SAW ONE!!! Queens, NY

    Holy cow, I saw one. Here in Queens, NY. It is my twin on top of that, silver Jetta Wagon (bearing CT plates though), although it looks newer than mine. I was about to have a heart attack. I was driving home and saw the car parked at the coner of 84th st and Atlantic and all I could do is...
  14. jessica_rabbit

    ipod adaptor

    Hi all, I got a question regarding the IPod Adaptor. I bought the adaptor from a VW dealer and got it hooked up at my machanic's. It's not working properly. Manual says I need to hook it (the ipod) into the adaptor before I turn on the car and the VW logo will show up on the ipod after the...
  15. jessica_rabbit


    Hi, I am just curious to how many TDI people are in the NYC area. I havn't seen any TDI on the road here ever since I've come to know their existence. I guess I am just a little lonely on the road. :o Jess
  16. jessica_rabbit


    Hi all, I just got a 02 wagon with 98k on it and wondering what's the "avarage" mpg for these cars? Does it really matter: # of people in the car, A/C, stereo... etc? I know it is a big difference between city/highway driving but really don't have "actual" driving mpg to compare to. Thanks for...
  17. jessica_rabbit

    back seat fold?

    Do the back seat fold down on 02-05 Jetta sedan/wagon? Jess
  18. jessica_rabbit

    heated/leather seats

    Hi, I am looking to buy a TDI and would like to get one with leather heated seats. But I am also wondering if I can only get one with cloth and without the heating, how much it would be to have it done? Thanks! Jess
  19. jessica_rabbit

    In NYC?

    I am really looking forward in owning a TDI but after reading many posts under different forums, I wonder if a TDI (engine) will be "ok" in the stop and go traffic of NYC? Please advice. Jess
  20. jessica_rabbit


    Hi guys, I've been told that dealers are not allowed to sell new TDIs to residents in NY. Is this true? I had the idea of buying a new TDI and drive it around till it hits 7k5 then register. But if this is the case, then... :mad: Jess